Vivo NEX S Impressions: Truly Bezelless?

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 15, 2018
  • Is the true all-screen smartphone finally here? Almost...

    Testing the In-Glas Fingerprint reader:

    The State of Bezels and Notches:

    MKBHD Merch:

    Video Gear I use:
    Tech I'm using right now:

    Intro Track: Choo Choo by Alltta


    Phone provided by Vivo for video


  • Jonathan Runion
    Jonathan Runion  21 days ago

    I want this phone so bad! It’s everything the iPhone should have been.

  • Kelvin
    Kelvin  28 days ago

    3:43 Check the phone screen LMAO. That looks like a ghost goat wanting some video time Lol!

  • Jack Jack
    Jack Jack  2 months ago

    Honestly I couldn't care less about the notch on a phone

  • Jack Anderson
    Jack Anderson  2 months ago

    bruh look at that chin

  • Casuality
    Casuality  3 months ago +1

    Got pretty much this with a nicer version of Android and just overall better build and performance in OnePlus 7 Pro, it's awesome. It might not be perfect in every way, but the display is so nice!

  • Daniel Cernoch
    Daniel Cernoch  3 months ago

    Ok, watch the camera tick to the side when retracted. Build quality is shit.
    Btw, what about a retracting additional display? :D

  • Daniel Cernoch
    Daniel Cernoch  3 months ago

    It has a chin.

  • Melissa Drury
    Melissa Drury  3 months ago +1

    Inspiration for OnePlus 7 Pro?

  • Oheen Jaheen
    Oheen Jaheen  4 months ago

    Salla Kutta
    moja lagse na

  • Syed Hoque
    Syed Hoque  4 months ago


  • Free Voice
    Free Voice  4 months ago

    Notch is urgly. I can’t believe jobs will come out with this product

  • Lmwpitt
    Lmwpitt  4 months ago

    Death to the notch... and perhaps this will lead to the death of the front-facing camera too :D one can hope

  • Linx Low
    Linx Low  4 months ago

    How much??

  • Dharmendra Singh
    Dharmendra Singh  4 months ago


  • Suresh Ubale
    Suresh Ubale  4 months ago

    Hi am you join

  • Suresh Ubale
    Suresh Ubale  4 months ago

    😍 😍 😍 😍

  • Mr. Dude Sabahan
    Mr. Dude Sabahan  5 months ago

    You sounds like white people bro 😁

  • Cynic The Hedgehog
    Cynic The Hedgehog  5 months ago

    I’d actually accept a selfie camera free phone if it meant we would not only lose the bezels, but use that saved expense on a pumped up 30mp 3 lens (standard-tele-wide) camera array. Selfies, whatevs, but damn I want a killer media machine that can make dslrs obsolete.

  • User
    User  5 months ago

    This also decreases privacy concerns by design. If the rear camera was on the pop up aswell then everyone would be able to know when someones filming, so people couldn't creep on people as easily.. I like this design alot! No notch, yes privacy, this is what should have been done instead of the notch everyone hates.

  • User
    User  5 months ago