Top 10 Athletes Caught Cheating Live on TV

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 21, 2019
  • These athletes were caught red handed! From fencing to football, baseball to Formula 1, every sport has its cheaters. For this list, we’re looking at cheating athletes caught live in the act - including Mike Tomlin, Nelson Piquet Jr., Joe Niekro, and Julie Miller. Who do YOU think should have made our list? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Adriano Ramos
    Adriano Ramos  2 days ago

    How about Luis Resto vs. Billy Collins Jr.??? Worst of all time!!!

  • Adriano Ramos
    Adriano Ramos  3 days ago +2

    Argentina has won two Fifa world cups cheating!

  • Midoriya kun
    Midoriya kun  7 days ago

    NANI?!!!???!!! I didn’t know Diego and Dora played football

  • C Garcia
    C Garcia  7 days ago

    Hermaphrodite is an outdated, if not now offensive term. The word is "intersex". Also, I feel like Dora was done dirty. If she was presenting female all her life, then it's not like she was trying to cheat. Girl was just trying to compete like everyone else. (I guess if Dora decided to present male after then I should say "he", huh?) Just crummy circumstances all around.

  • Ratu Daunakamakama

    When you bring one extra item in the express lane 5:39

  • Heavenly Pete
    Heavenly Pete  7 days ago

    Maradona played marvelous that world cup but still glorifying a cheating move with "the hand of god" name hahahaha disgusting

  • Gary Mota
    Gary Mota  7 days ago +1

    Trump cheated to win the election

  • devionte henry
    devionte henry  7 days ago +1

    You forgot Tom Brady

  • Jean Milan
    Jean Milan  7 days ago

    A great body is a great gift!! Because nothing tastes as good as a well-fit body feels. some Pull-ups and a BodyBudd does the job,

  • Matt Lombardo
    Matt Lombardo  14 days ago

    Holyfield said he thought mike bit his entire ear off

  • Jeremiah Cuarteros

    Tyson has no intention to win by biting. He was pissed with holyfield's constant cheap shots and cheating.

  • Paumin Naulak
    Paumin Naulak  14 days ago

    Yea the hand of god

    DOUGLAS SALGUERO  14 days ago

    Lol that was funny it your a ear lol

  • Fabian Garcia
    Fabian Garcia  14 days ago

    Suarez didnt cheat? It waa tactical

  • Jxstacey Gaming
    Jxstacey Gaming  14 days ago +1

    Yung:Guys we got a new mystery
    Marquess: What's it say
    Pidgeon:Dear Mike Tyson mysteries,is it true you bit off a man's ear?
    Mike:Trow it away
    Mike:Throw it away!!

  • Gio Marron
    Gio Marron  21 days ago

    For what Maradona done in 1986, he should be forced to unveil a statue of the incident in front of a standing ovation at Hampden

  • Swaga tron
    Swaga tron  21 days ago

    You already made this list 😳

  • MikeyBoy
    MikeyBoy  21 days ago +1

    0:42 well that’s a bad word

  • GJ Masterton
    GJ Masterton  21 days ago

    The Paralympics isn't for "intellectually disabled" athletes, you morons. That's the Special Olympics.

  • Big 4x Jeff
    Big 4x Jeff  21 days ago

    It’s like the same list of cheaters on every video I see