12 Most Amazing Cars Found By Accident

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 2, 2019
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    Of all the possessions that people take pride in, cars have to be considered close to the top of the list. Some people are even accused of loving their cars more than they love their partners! With that in mind, if you owned a truly unique or unusual vehicle, why would you leave it locked away from the world for years, or abandoned in an unusual place? That was the fate that befell the incredible cars you’ll see in this video!

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  • A Leo
    A Leo  yesterday

    Uhhhh... What kind of bird?

  • Kyle Hanna
    Kyle Hanna  yesterday +1

    Yeah.. I simply can’t handle that he called the car a Pontiac “Freebird”.....

  • S Wizzard
    S Wizzard  3 days ago

    Perfect video if you want to see random photos that have nothing to do with what's being discussed. Also, most of the information shared here is not correct.

  • alucard kaizokudan

    6:24 almost the rest of the world on the left side ..only america and it fellow were weird af

  • South West Florida Aerial

    this would have been nice, with the exception of the absolutely non relevant clips in between pictures of the relevant images and would be even nicer if the narrator , would have educated himself on pronouncing Italian words correctly, and by the way Einstein, its Firebird, not Free Bird,, I mean , really? where the fuck have you been, under a rock??there are so many mistakes in the narration I dont know where to begin,, and check again where England Drivers drive,,, so thumbs down for me

  • Garrett Smith
    Garrett Smith  7 days ago

    In the UK they drive on the left hand side of the road. The cars are right hand drive though.

  • bob brooks
    bob brooks  7 days ago

    Recently sold a 1934 SS-1Jag that I had bought in 1974.

  • Official Tac
    Official Tac  7 days ago

    Pontiac Free Bird

  • jimmie Roan
    jimmie Roan  7 days ago

    ive seen the in depth build of the tibbs special, its on a buick chassis with an inline 8cyl buick engine and three speed standard shift trans, my memory is fading a little these days but i thought it was a joint venture between two friends and maybe split up the construction by military service

  • ohmiz_where_the_artiz

    Damn!...I've been driving on the wrong side of the road in the U.K. my whole life 😂 What the hell is a 'Dimer'? 😂

  • Kyle Konkel
    Kyle Konkel  7 days ago

    Odometer, not mileometer. Der!

  • thatswhite1
    thatswhite1  7 days ago

    "mileometor"? wow the iq of the younger generation is sinking dangerously low!!

  • Alex Barnett
    Alex Barnett  7 days ago +1

    "In the UK they drive a little different to the rest of us" - the majority of cars sold are right-hand drive (UK, Japan, Australia, etc etc)

  • John Urqhart
    John Urqhart  7 days ago

    I need to know his name what if it was jeff

  • kaefergarage
    kaefergarage  7 days ago +2

    Sometimes I'm wondering, what the pictures in between the "main charakters" of the video have to do with them.Shaking my head of the "Pontiac Freebird" omg. Please, do a better research!

  • Raves_YT
    Raves_YT  14 days ago

    Wtf??? The Pontiac free bird it's the Pontiac Fire bird

  • Iain Herridge
    Iain Herridge  14 days ago +1

    The buickstreamliner was destroyed in the last year's California fire's. Very poor research pal!

  • cammandoookhalsha skyblue captain nephew

    motherf...king logic sluts bitches and bastards engines 😂

  • Peter Szarow
    Peter Szarow  14 days ago

    Another thing, Morons, the British...holy cow I can spell British, drive on the left side of the road. That's why the steering wheel is on THE RIGHT (look at your own video), side of the car. Close your site, you give so much wrong or agagerated crap. Maybe you folks should write for Trump.

  • Peter Szarow
    Peter Szarow  14 days ago

    What the,...Who ever wrote this script must have a 5th grade eduma-cation. Mile-Ometer? Geez my 10 yr old knows it's called an O-Do-Meter, "Odometer" for us enlightened folks that have been around since the 50's and have had a real education. If we kept the same educational system we had in the 50's through the early 70's we might be going to Mars and beyond. Thanks to the progeny of former Hippie idealist influence who are now in political power. Shortsighted Clowns. Sorry I'm frustrated with the current political status. Ha ha.