The Raunchiest Miss Rita - SNL

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 19, 2019


  • Maddie Reed
    Maddie Reed  7 months ago +1738

    Not gonna lie... I’d watch Ms. Rita

  • zazanga
    zazanga  7 months ago +102

    leslie jones acting shy for those couple seconds was so alarming

  • Timothy Das
    Timothy Das  7 months ago +714

    How has Leslie Jones not been offered a pilot yet? I would literally watch her play herself for hundreds of hours of television. Get on that, NBC.

  • Brenda E.
    Brenda E.  7 months ago +775

    William Cosby ROFLMAO. This was great!

  • eilise sineàd
    eilise sineàd  7 months ago +552

    I would watch the Raunchiest Miss Rita😂

  • Life Destroyed
    Life Destroyed  7 months ago +552

    I almost freaked out at Bill Cosby in the end

  • ScarlettP
    ScarlettP  7 months ago +262

    Miss Rita has no filter whatsoever

  • Grald Ster
    Grald Ster  7 months ago +247

    So this is how Cosby is going to make his comeback.

  • librnx1988
    librnx1988  7 months ago +86

    Leslie should do a comedy special called Miss Rita.. I'm watching it 🤣🤣🤣

  • Chris Daniel
    Chris Daniel  7 months ago +186

    1:17 Rita just took an unexpected turn in comedy.

  • Everly B
    Everly B  7 months ago +223

    That Rita’s really got something

  • JoeDaPro
    JoeDaPro  7 months ago +125

    Is it scary that i actually want this

  • Veer Chasm
    Veer Chasm  7 months ago +154

    Rita’s hour and a half is 9 times longer than Midge’s “Tight 10”

  • Victor Rhams
    Victor Rhams  7 months ago +116

    Rita is going places. (ahem) William Cosby though..

  • Evan Patchett
    Evan Patchett  7 months ago +30

    Not Gunna Lie I would Totally watch The Raunchiest Ms.Rita and LoL At every Joke

  • Zac _
    Zac _  7 months ago +32

    I got a good feeling about that William Cosby, I think he's going places.

  • NCY
    NCY  7 months ago +6

    That edit right after she says " Is that the light? I ain't never fuckin' leavin'...ahhhhhh!" Then hard cut to the chair on the table so impactful. Respect to the editor for that choice.

  • Morning Sports Wood
    Morning Sports Wood  7 months ago +48

    wait! what about this William Cosby fellow?? we never heard his set! D:
    ...i hope he talks about pudding pops! 😀

  • Brian O'Kongkohr
    Brian O'Kongkohr  7 months ago +57

    Weird, I reflexively covered my Dr Pepper when I saw Cosby enter onscreen.

  • Alfonzo Tyson
    Alfonzo Tyson  7 months ago +78

    It's like watching LaWanda Page (Aunt Esther from Sanford and Son) come back to life.