Spring Clean With Me: Closet Organizing Hacks | Jenna Dewan

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 16, 2018
  • OK guys. I wanted to take the opportunity to let you in on a secret: I love clothes but like most of you, my closet could use some organization! Since it’s spring, I thought it would be a good time for Spring cleaning! Watch as my friend, celeb stylist, Brad Goreski raids my closet and helps me with a few of his best tips on how to declutter and get my closet organized. We had a little bit too much fun with this one. Do you have any organizing tips? What is that one thing in your closet you just can’t let go of? Comment down below!

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  • JustCardsBy Sara
    JustCardsBy Sara  23 hours ago

    Finished full wardrobe tour???

  • Ke’Ashia. K
    Ke’Ashia. K  5 months ago

    Jenna is so freaking BEAUTIFUL 😍😍😍😍

  • Lavender Violet
    Lavender Violet  9 months ago

    Oh god.

  • Sof.
    Sof.  9 months ago

    But... but... but.. I wanted to see the end result =(

  • Olifa Djoo
    Olifa Djoo  11 months ago

    Your surplus or waste send it to me,please🙏💔

  • L. S.
    L. S.  a years ago

    She's like, really pretty<3

  • Joanna Flores
    Joanna Flores  a years ago +2

    Can u do an updated video about how ur closet turned out after the cleaning!! Id love to see how he arranged it and what he did with it p.s. If u dont want ur clothes I will take them off ur hands Jenna 😉

  • Baylee Christina
    Baylee Christina  a years ago

    post a part two!!

  • Florianna Gerasimova

    I wish she had her own show and this was at least a one hour episode. I'd watch them redo her entire house in a season 😂

  • Sally
    Sally  a years ago

    She did something to her face that is making her sucks

  • chief2547
    chief2547  a years ago

    Can see see you closet after the update?

  • Næp Sæck
    Næp Sæck  a years ago

    I have 7 clothes

  • jessiemae
    jessiemae  a years ago

    I'm sorry but my heart still hurts when I look at either Jenna and Channing. #tooinvested

  • Joye Creates
    Joye Creates  a years ago

    Love you! More fashion related videos please!

  • Snuglebuny1978 DeGroot

    Omg I was thinking he was genius too, wish he could organize my closet and stuff

  • Kelly Hinkson
    Kelly Hinkson  a years ago

    Sooooo, is anyone else wondering what happened? A whole vid about organising, but not showing what was organised. Not sure what the point was.

  • Caroline Escue
    Caroline Escue  a years ago

    Wait I need an after picture!! Or another video, maybe a finished closet tour, please! 💁🏼‍♀️

  • Bhavna Kumar
    Bhavna Kumar  a years ago

    where's the after?

  • Flam Flam
    Flam Flam  a years ago

    Stressed 'cause there's no 'after' shot 😣

  • Julie Quarm
    Julie Quarm  a years ago

    I really need him to come to my house STAT!