Bluetooth 5.0: Explained!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 18, 2017
  • Breaking down one of the newest features of the Galaxy S8!

    Explained playlist:

    Video Gear I use:

    Outro Track: Say Nada by Shakka



  • Dzhaner Sprostranov

    Can I ask witch camera you use. It looks realy good!

  • Deaf Dave
    Deaf Dave  3 days ago

    Thanks for the nice clear presentation!

  • Tyler1989
    Tyler1989  4 days ago

    So why don’t we have Bluetooth 5.0 yet? Everything still has 4.2

  • AbX_Swayツ
    AbX_Swayツ  7 days ago +2

    If u have 4.1 how to get 5.0

  • Shady Elhefnawy
    Shady Elhefnawy  7 days ago


  • bimmer325cic lee
    bimmer325cic lee  21 days ago

    Great info.

  • niclas lindman
    niclas lindman  21 days ago

    Have you heard Xperia1 to Bluetooth X1000M3 test will be own level Sony Ldac DSEEHX Bluetooth speakers and SRX45 Ldac have Awsome low basss Ldac have

  • niclas lindman
    niclas lindman  21 days ago


  • Siby Eapen
    Siby Eapen  21 days ago

    How do i connect iPhone Max to two JBL 3.1 ( 2 device's)
    IOS version 13.3

  • Mark R
    Mark R  1 months ago

    For some reason I couldn’t find a definite answer for Bluetooth speed. PCMagazine says Bluetooth 4 is similarity 3 at 25 Mbps. So Bluetooth 5 is 50 Mbps.

  • Shalom Rutere
    Shalom Rutere  1 months ago

    Bluetooth 4.0 has a way larger range than 50 metres.
    I tested my phone that has Bluetooth 4.0 with a Bluetooth speaker and the range was more than 100 metres.

  • irish chancer
    irish chancer  1 months ago

    Can Bluetooth 5.0 connect to a phone that's 4.0 ????

  • Sayan Sarkar
    Sayan Sarkar  2 months ago +5

    Who are here in Nov,2019.

  • Mircea Moler
    Mircea Moler  2 months ago +2

    Help: If my iPhone 7 has Bluetooth 4.2 and AirPods have Bluetooth 5.0, how that affect connectivity, range?

  • Mikey
    Mikey  2 months ago +1

    I can use my bluetooth 5.0 headphones from a spot to the opposite corner 3 stories down

  • NZ Shares
    NZ Shares  2 months ago

    An American African dont see many on Youtube good on you bro

  • Neowe Channel
    Neowe Channel  2 months ago


  • Nina Vukmanic
    Nina Vukmanic  2 months ago

    Since Bluetooth 5 all my video is delayed by about a second from the sound. Any ideas how to fix that? When I use my 4.2 headset is all my closer to be in sync.

  • B345T MODE
    B345T MODE  2 months ago

    Does Bluetooth v5 work on iPhone 6s

  • Benjamin Amegatsey
    Benjamin Amegatsey  2 months ago

    I came back 2 years after this video was released just to watch Marques drop "Say Nada" like a hot potato🔥🔥🔥