Game of Thrones - Season 8 Review

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 20, 2019
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    Chris Stuckmann reviews Game of Thrones Season 8.


  • ugsof274
    ugsof274  9 hours ago

    Cersei deserved a more spectacular death. Falling bricks...thats just lazy!

  • Delores Lola
    Delores Lola  17 hours ago

    Season 8 killed the show for me. I can't even rewatch the good seasons because I know how horrible the season 8 was. It was so immensely disappointing. The writers really dropped the ball. In season 8 they completely killed Tyrion. His jokes were lame and he actually told the same jokes multiple times. He wasn't witty and funny anymore. They also really built up jon becoming king so much and then turned him into a little bitch and sent him back to the wall for killing a complete nutcase. I didn't like how they made Bran so robotic.

  • chance2413
    chance2413  yesterday

    Lost a LOT of respect for you because you took a sponsor from Raid:Get Kids Addicted to Microtransactions Legends. Tons of videos have been made on why you should not take their money Chris. Shame on you greedball

  • Ronin Editor
    Ronin Editor  yesterday

    Same boat as you... I watched seasons one through seven in two weeks leading up to season eight. It absolutely helped with remembering the details and arcs. And, I almost feel bad that people had YEARS invested this to be let down by season eight. I only had two weeks invested before being let down.

  • Alice Graham
    Alice Graham  yesterday

    I agree. Brans story bored me so much. One good thing about season 5 was they didn't include him.

  • solsdadio
    solsdadio  yesterday

    George Martin created a great script and when that ran out it was obvious.

  • chanel henderson
    chanel henderson  3 days ago

    Loved this review and realizing that Bran was...USELESS

  • Aleš Petěra
    Aleš Petěra  3 days ago

    They dug up the grave, killed the entire show, set it on fire, pushed it into the hole and then pissed on it... WHY??? It was like they were not even trying! 10 year old boy could've written a better story of the last season!!
    What was their strategy to defend Winterfell?? Sacrifice all the cavalry at once as a first move????? WHAT THE F***K?? Dany not seeing a f***ing FLEET OF SHIPS from 2000ft above??? Euron depicted as a horny idiot, whose only line was "I want to f***k the queen!" And Jon's only two lines were "I don't want it!" and "You're my queen!" Everything in season 8 was WRONG!
    AAAAARGHH! That is SO annoyingly, STUPID beyond comprehension! I am never going to rewatch the show, just because of the season 8.
    But what is worse, I am in the half of the fifth book now, knowing there is no end to it either! So depressing...

  • sxysteve87
    sxysteve87  3 days ago

    They were contractually obligated in how they could end the season. George R.R. Martin did not want the show to interfere with how he finishes the book.

    There are obvious character arcs that are completely ignored. Why would they do that? They are not stupid. These guys made 5 amazing seasons. They made the red wedding which killed off most of their lead actors, they chopped off Neds head and stuck a tusk through king Robert which at the time were the only real big names for the show. Now all of a sudden that take a hard left into bad shit crazy?

    No they were stuck in what they could and couldnt do. Nobody would have ended the show this way.

  • wyn
    wyn  3 days ago +1

    I recommend the season 8 pitch meeting from screen rant, I think you’d really enjoy it

  • 사신Raptron666
    사신Raptron666  4 days ago

    nononono DND didn't know what to do with the night king DND butchered the night king and the white walkers George RR martin knows perfectly well what to do with the night king

  • Niefa Cobham
    Niefa Cobham  5 days ago

    I just finish watching the entire series in about 2 and half week myself. I honestly agree that it is a wonderful show but like u mentioned I wasn't invested in it as much as other people I didn't understand why Dani burned down the capital there wasn't a solid enough reason for her to do that it did feel rushed and bran character did suck but with all the knowledge that he supposedly gain as a 3 eyed raven u would think he would have more to play in the story but he didnt

  • 3cs3hs
    3cs3hs  5 days ago

    they should have killed the night king in season 7, and spent season 8 just on the rest.

  • A Moment In Time
    A Moment In Time  6 days ago

    Bran isn't king the three eyed raven is. The children of the forest have essentially put their guy on the throne to rule over their ancient enemy of man. Man doesn't even realise who rules over them. It's genius.
    A bit like how the West is actually ruled by a minority tribe that poses as us but really disdain us.

  • Torben Nielsen
    Torben Nielsen  6 days ago

    Sellout with that commercial

  • Shantéwokon
    Shantéwokon  7 days ago

    I never even considered Bran having Arya kill him in order to trick the Night King into being in a vulnerable position. Fuck that would have been good.

  • J A C K
    J A C K  7 days ago

    Yes I love when he gets mold by the dogs beautiful stuff. I’m kidding I’m not even aloud to watch game of thrones so spoil as much as you want

  • Swaroop
    Swaroop  7 days ago

    Oh wow arya still looks like a boy.

  • ReMax Gaming
    ReMax Gaming  7 days ago

    you get a dislike for promoting a garbage mobile game

  • Bryan Schulte
    Bryan Schulte  7 days ago

    Chris, I love your content, but one thing I would like to point out, is that Dany's progression from innocent girl to full on mad queen is seen throughout the entire series. There are bits and pieces that all build up to the point where she just fucking has had enough and snaps! But I also do see your concern being that the writers did fuck it up and not have more seasons for more episodes to show it more.