Behind the Scenes | Giving Yuumi a Voice

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 9, 2019
  • Voice actor Cassandra Lee Morris and narrative writer Rayla Heide visited a cat cafe to discuss cat personalities, inspiration for Yuumi, and how voice-over brings champions to life.


  • Emilio M. M.
    Emilio M. M.  7 days ago

    01:16 lmao the cat sleeping beside her leg

  • PepCoz Z
    PepCoz Z  14 days ago

    i hate Yummi but Cassandra played also in NieR:Automata... and now yummis voice makes me sad af ;-; She was too pure! TOO PURE!!

  • Ilker
    Ilker  1 months ago


  • Ralv
    Ralv  3 months ago

    korean ahri behind the scene please.

  • Elf boy
    Elf boy  3 months ago

    Yuumi the magical trash

  • george becali
    george becali  3 months ago +2

    ready for yuumiiiii and rengar hentai B)

  • otilolito
    otilolito  3 months ago

    "I really wanted to have a cat champion I could play"

    Rengar: What?

  • West London Cards
    West London Cards  3 months ago

    wow RIOT actually letting us know who the voice actor is for once thanks more of these please

  • Steve Granzyk
    Steve Granzyk  3 months ago

    Can't stop looking at Rayla's tooth. Dude... stop smoking. It's gross.

  • Gabby Valenciano
    Gabby Valenciano  3 months ago

    Deym, Yuumi's hot irl

  • Berra Okudurlar
    Berra Okudurlar  3 months ago

    No Morgana from Persona 5 references in comments, I can’t describe my dissappointment

  • birdyLOL
    birdyLOL  3 months ago

    she also did nami voice

  • Costi Bidileanu
    Costi Bidileanu  4 months ago

    Riot,make more this kind of videos,please

  • Виталий Осипов

    Почему подобных роликов нет на ру канале лиги( приходится пырится на сабы снизу

  • Justice Garen
    Justice Garen  4 months ago +1

    Fishy fish fish for my dishy dish dish ;DD

  • J
    J  4 months ago

    Where's the cat café? It's so cute*-*

  • SorakaPara
    SorakaPara  4 months ago

    She's the same voice actor behind Morgana, in Persona 5 :>

  • Tred Devil
    Tred Devil  4 months ago

    So many people hired To create a champ and the game itself is so bad on hitboxes and software Side like UI

  • KiddTitus
    KiddTitus  4 months ago

    Where's Jhin's BTS?

  • Alexander
    Alexander  5 months ago

    One question
    She got the zoomies?