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  • Strictly Dumpling
    Strictly Dumpling  a years ago +563

    Hi Everyone! Sorry to hear that some of you have trouble watching this video. Honestly I have no clue why as it’s the same setting as the other 4K videos. Pls let me know if you’re still having issues also try to turn the resolution down a bit and see if that fixes things. Thank you!!!!

  • Gowzie habibi
    Gowzie habibi  3 days ago

    Jennifer aw she is so beautiful😍💓

  • Orchid the best flower

    Thay cung loa phô tu miễn Bác vo Nam theo minh biết thi pho ga co hợt ga pho bo k hợt ga ma anh dai han cho hợt ga van pho bo anh ba tau khen ngon may anh nay nghe nguoi VN hay chịu no nén tinh thiện tinh địa Chổi do ma hihihi !

  • Addison Garcia
    Addison Garcia  7 days ago

    I love mikes shirts

  • manuel cheung
    manuel cheung  7 days ago +2

    the best banh mi i found was a stall in the streets. cost 15000dong/64cents. I cannot forget that taste man...just original banh mi, not fancy stuff other than pure cold cuts

  • Neo
    Neo  7 days ago +1

    i mean people can be too rich for sure

  • AustBob The Cuber
    AustBob The Cuber  14 days ago

    When you hot pot a bowl of pho

  • Edurne Ruiz Sachse

    Whenever I watch one of your videos I immediately have to look up flights to go there and eat everything xD

  • C Duschen
    C Duschen  14 days ago ba-deep ba-deep thats all folks!

  • Yuelai Zhang
    Yuelai Zhang  14 days ago

    both not worth $100 each.. I'd pay $30 each tho.. overpriced..

  • SerenityW
    SerenityW  21 days ago

    0:34 did I hear that right?

  • j787023 1
    j787023 1  21 days ago

    That was a $10 sandwich that suckers pay 100 for

  • Saniya S
    Saniya S  21 days ago

    Lol $200 bite

  • John C.
    John C.  21 days ago

    I just had dinner and now i'm hungry again

  • Samruddha Deshmukh

    Never had bahn mi or pho but that dip triggered me

  • Elsa&lisa
    Elsa&lisa  1 months ago

    The food looks beautiful. But if I went to Vietnam to have pho and bahn mi. I would have traditional. Nice video though.

  • Jolly Green
    Jolly Green  1 months ago

    Fish egg + duck liver + fungus =150$
    Everything else 25$
    Labor 25$

  • Peter DeMoor
    Peter DeMoor  1 months ago +1

    I think we like ur channel be cuz u have a normal person approach at such delicious food, we relate to your satisfied taste buds my friend

  • Milanta Rika
    Milanta Rika  1 months ago

    I can't even continue to watch this video because I just feel so jealous of Mike

  • Anna Grey
    Anna Grey  1 months ago

    His top...what a mood