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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 9, 2019
  • Bill is ready to expand 'Trying to Stan' by looking into a new artist, Billie Eilish! Watch his reaction to experiencing Billie Eilish for the first time and his thoughts on her music! Want to see more Billie Eilish reactions? Is there a different artist you want to see me Try to Stan? Let me know in the comments!WATCH MY LAST VIDEO HERE: MEDIA:**FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM**@thethirdbill** FOLLOW MY TWITTER! ** #billieeilishreaction #react


  • lei pelle  2 months ago

    Never underestimate 17 year olds lol

  • I know right?

  • Aaron Sama  1 months ago

    Never underestimate teens in general lol! <3

  • luis malveiro  2 months ago

    If you really wanna understand where she is coming from, you should watch the idontwannabeyouanymore genius interview

  • Kyra Lopez  2 months ago

    Just some more info on Billie :)She released ocean eyes when she was only 13 on SoundCloud and blew up from 2015. Billie does suffer with depression as a lot of people doHer and her brother make all of her music in his bedroom

  • Billie Eilish  4 days ago

    @the wombat She was 13 when Ocean eyes came out but yes she turning 18 on December 18th

  • JJP  12 days ago

    @Jessica Maria I never said her looks means she's not depressed. I said she's never actually mentioned it straight up

  • Arial Martinez  2 months ago

    "...I just wish she would blink"😂😆

  • Erikka Juvonen  1 months ago

    Hahah I just said that

  • Mica Stylinson  2 months ago

    you should listen to xanny by billie eilish (eye-lish), is so amazing

  • Gamer_ Wolf  2 months ago


  • Billie eyelash

  • Nick Valdez  2 months ago

    I feel like this channel is gonna get huge.

  • TheGamingWave  10 days ago

    Derpy Candy Same lmao, when I saw it was 6.2k I was like “excuse me”

  • Vince Dibona  11 days ago

    Let's hope not.

  • Breanna Raelynn  2 months ago

    Her voice is so amazing, almost zero auto tune. She sounds exactly the same live. Other than the effects, literally exactly the same

  • Deborah Taylor  1 months ago

    @Slick Beats that isnt how I said it at all dude. At all. I just said she doesn't use any...

  • Slick Beats  1 months ago

    @Deborah Taylor why dou you say that as if using autotune makes you wack or something

  • Emilio Reyes  2 months ago

    Yassss, continue reacting to Gaga and Billie plssss, List for Billie: Xanny Wish you were gay Listen before I go Watch My boy

  • Carson C  26 days ago


  • narutouzumakijoshua  1 months ago

    thethirdbill just listen to every song tbh they’re all fucking good LOL

  • Breanna Raelynn  2 months ago

    Bury a friend is about sleep paralysis it’s where your body remains in REM but your mind wakes up and can’t send signals to your body to move. And your brain doesn’t understand so it creates images like you were in a nightmare and you can’t move and you can’t close your eyes.... you can hear banging but it’s just your heart racing in your eyes and you’re breathing heavily. I have it a lot and it’s very traumatic and Bury a Friend really resonates with me.the lyrics“Then my limbs all froze and my ey...

  • Caroline Almasri  8 days ago

    eat sleep and repeat it just happened to me for the first time last week and it freaked me out. I have had naturally occurring lucid dreams for a long time but I’ve never gone into sleep paralysis before and I was scared to go to sleep for like three days.

  • Ash ash  16 days ago

    Or are we imagining it?? O.O

  • I Pray to Slay  2 months ago

    "Is this kid okay?" 😂😂