my battle..

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 8, 2019
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  • JamesPlaysGames
    JamesPlaysGames  13 minutes ago

    Lazarbeam: Swears

    Youtube: “tHiS iS aN AvEnGErS lEveL ThrEAt”

  • Zendo7
    Zendo7  47 minutes ago

    I have anxiety to 🤗

  • Rov
    Rov  an hour ago

    "shut the fuck up. you're not funny if you make this type of comment."

    - me, 2019

  • EmeraldDragon
    EmeraldDragon  an hour ago

    Lazarbeam doesn’t know how to pay a power bill.
    Now I know that he can’t pay taxes either.

    THEODDSQUAD  an hour ago

    Lazar : Swears

    Youtube : Goes to snap fingers-

    BLOODY LEGENDS : Ahem all holding thor’s hammers

  • Evan Curtin
    Evan Curtin  2 hours ago

    Lazarbeam: says my struggles
    Me, an intellectual: Mein kampf

  • Chaz GG
    Chaz GG  2 hours ago


  • Aarnav Dancer
    Aarnav Dancer  4 hours ago

    Can any one send his merch Website

  • Cmg's Adventures
    Cmg's Adventures  4 hours ago

    I am glad that you are comfortable sharing all of your feelings! Have a great day!

  • hodei segurola
    hodei segurola  7 hours ago

    I miss the stupid summer stuff.

  • sappyfoot
    sappyfoot  8 hours ago

    i enjoy ice cream

  • Derek Enghusen
    Derek Enghusen  8 hours ago

    Lust yeet your anxiety

  • Bias3056
    Bias3056  9 hours ago

    You ripped off lmth (last month this happened) memulous

  • Creeper Hoodie
    Creeper Hoodie  10 hours ago

    Can you go back to your old vids

  • Charlene Shemo
    Charlene Shemo  11 hours ago

    That's ww1

  • Roop Kaur
    Roop Kaur  11 hours ago

    3 words for you: I LOVE YOU 💝

  • Isaac Playz
    Isaac Playz  13 hours ago +1

    Can we just see how big of a bloody legend he is his own EDITOR AND MAKES HIS OWN VIDS. LEGEND

  • ConfusedSith
    ConfusedSith  13 hours ago

    i like how month review is like 3 months between each month review haha XD

    FELIXTMK  16 hours ago +1

    LAZAR God you should do a monthly review with your family..... YEET!!!

  • Aaron Hutchinson
    Aaron Hutchinson  17 hours ago

    Jesus can help you