Rebuilding a Wrecked 2016 Dodge Hellcat Part 4

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 3, 2018
  • Rebuilding a Wrecked 2016 Dodge Hellcat Part 4Merch: me on Snapchat & Instagram: AlexRebuilds Email: this video we get the frame work complete and 1 step closer for the Hellcat being back on the road!Discolored by ZAYFALL Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 promoted by Audio Library - Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm) [NCS Release]Music Provided by Noncopyrightsounds


  • James Scully  7 months ago

    You can never underestimate a tech who knows what they're doing. The guy who fixed the frame turned a car that probably would have ended up in a scrap yard back to put it back on the road. These kind of specialists are getting harder and harder to find and are a dying breed.

  • TheColdWish  4 months ago

    True, this is enjoyable to watch. Its strange how can you bend that frame with engine on etc. but pro is a pro.

  • Tony Galloway  4 months ago

    @Tiona Linda Nguyen Jorg Ancrath will have none of it.

  • Tiger Smith  7 months ago

    What’s name of the guy who did the frame work in this video? He need his own YouTude Channel. Great job!!!!

  • nancy chong  6 months ago

    You're absolutely right.

  • TheTorkerman-Adam  6 months ago

    Great to see the actual frame repair, that’s a first for any rebuild video I’ve seen.Thanks

  • Frank Honeycutt  6 months ago

    MrWolfSnack I have seen very expensive brand new cars sent to the frame repair shop and not be totaled out. Not a Ponzi scheme at all

  • Frank Honeycutt  6 months ago

    MrWolfSnack not true at all. Insurance companies are a total different entity. Have nothing to do with a finance company’s. It’s what the frame repair shop costs to have the frame repaired, which with that parts, plus bodywork, and labor totals more than the cars blue book value. That’s how we car is totaled.

  • 1971chevelle 406sbc  7 months ago

    Your frame guy is really good ,he did a great job on that hellcat

  • sandman_732  6 months ago

    Everyone must go to the same place for hair cuts .

  • ChefGiovanni  6 months ago

    So many sheeple following the pack. Not me.

  • Oscar Burke  7 months ago

    I would have put some [paint on the welds and the area...unless I missed something they were bare metal when they put the body parts back on

  • Ina Blink  5 months ago

    Improvise !    Rub their skin on it, it'll take it off ;  P

  • EA  5 months ago

    Some states requieres to take the car for a DMV inspection before hit the road again, inspector will not approve a painted repair because he/she needs to see the welding.

  • Pickle Bacon  7 months ago

    This guy doing the framework knows his shit, done framework in the past, shit ain’t as easy as it looks. Requires a lot of skill, patience and technique. Good shit

  • Peter datechmen  6 months ago

    Just love it when techs debate the finer points of fabrication and repair, better get out the scratch files to determine metal hardness around repair areas!

  • Black Beard Dave  7 months ago

    Please keep the b5 blue with no decals, and dont forget to fix that dent in the lower part of the passenger door

  • therockkkkher  6 months ago

    @Marc René Yvon Yeah, i forgot weight huh, serves me right then.

  • Marc René Yvon  6 months ago

    @therockkkkher REAL carbon fibers are a game changer. When properly used. Faux carbon is crap and dumb.

  • vTuned garage  7 months ago

    Man it turned out awesome those oem parts really paid off!!!

  • poop man  6 months ago

    there you are vtuned! lemme lick your balls. here and at goonsquad. i love you vtuned and your smooth balls

  • You tubers like you are the ones that we need to support your content is meaningful content you not doing stupid craps I not saying people should not enjoy themselves we learn different things and skills in your videos you young and doing all this amazing things I HAVE SO MUCH RESPECT FOR YOU remember those people that have something negative to say about your videos are haters that don't have any of the skills you have

  • supboy 24  6 months ago

    @Dakota Sardi it happens in every comment section