This is HomePod - Features and Review

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 6, 2018
  • Checking out some of my favorite features of the new Apple HomePod!Watch my HomePod Unboxing here:► SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS:🎶 MUSIC I USE - BE MY FRIEND: iJustine📷 CAMERAS I USE:Sony A7s ii - A7 iii - rx100 v5 - Hero 7 - ONE X -


  • iJustine
    iJustine  a years ago +393

    Check out my HomePod unboxing video after this:

  • Tiana H.
    Tiana H.  a years ago +886

    That’s so cool! Apple should have you make their ads hahaha!

  • Joseph L
    Joseph L  a years ago +142

    Can’t wait for the “I broke my HomePod” video

  • Nicholas Lee
    Nicholas Lee  a years ago +125

    I got an Alexa ad before this :/ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Chris
    Chris  a years ago +60

    To be honest, i do find this an entertaining video. BUT i do not find this a Review, there's not a single note of critisism. It's more like a commercial. Which is fine. But not a review in my eyes.

  • Aishwarya Net
    Aishwarya Net  a years ago +74

    5:03 I would cry too if I spent $14K on a computer ❤

  • Harsh Khanna
    Harsh Khanna  a years ago +353

    This could be the Apple ad for Homepod

  • Kevin Lim
    Kevin Lim  a years ago +23

    Anybody miss Steve Jobs?

  • Jeff Levitt
    Jeff Levitt  2 months ago +4

    Hey Siri Play me some royalty free music so í don’t get copywrited

  • Sean Nguyen
    Sean Nguyen  a years ago +251

    justine's videos are lowkey an indirect apple commercial lol .. i'm going to work as hard as her through my videos so companies will one day send me products so i can make videos about them just like justine ! :)

  • A C
    A C  a years ago +7

    How is this not an ad? Very polished video though.

  • Nick Marvel
    Nick Marvel  a years ago +274

    justine out here promoting apple for free since 2007

  • Nathaniel El Mexicano
    Nathaniel El Mexicano  a years ago +47

    Is this an apple ad?????

  • Ashlymatio •_•
    Ashlymatio •_•  a years ago +3

    Every time she said “Hey Siri” my Siri turned on xD it got annoying tho ;-;

  • Lego Mania
    Lego Mania  9 months ago +1

    YAY IMAGINE DRAGONS!!!! Thx for featuring them

  • The Last Gamer
    The Last Gamer  a years ago +139

    Where is the #ad sign???

  • Peter-John Zakhour
    Peter-John Zakhour  a years ago +105


  • George
    George  a years ago +4

    We should have Angela play your videos for  retail employees. You bring so much passion and energy to our products and I think you deserve more recognition, for those who don’t watch you on YouTube.
    Edit: And that intro, can be ’s new ad for HomePod.

  • ıllı тυѕнar ıllı

    3:03 now that's the difference between Google assistant and SIRI

  • Vanessa Blanco
    Vanessa Blanco  a years ago +79

    Not sure how I feel about this just yet