Naruto V3 ⚡ Trap HipHop Remix 🌀 Lofi Hip Hop ☯

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 29, 2019
  • ⚡Watch Naruto V3:⚡ Watch Naruto V2:⚡ Watch Naruto V1: to all the musicians and artists for letting me use their work. Please visit their site and support them!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------MY CHANNEL INFOMy Channel Is All About Lofi Hip Hop/Jazzhop/Vaporwave/Simpsonwave Songs And Mixes.Feedback is always appreciated!Consider Subscribing to my Channel, you won't regret it!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------☯ Track List ☯00:00 – Naruto Shippuden - Loneliness (BrøkuzBeatz Remix)02:54 – Naruto Shippuden - Moonlight Talk (Fiction x Yein Trap Remix)07:28 – Naruto Shippuden - Pain's Theme (Axhel Remix)11:23 – Naruto - Rainy Day (ÆkaSora Remix)15:00 – Naruto OST - Alone (B. HillFire Remix)19:28 – Naruto Shippuden - Byakuya (DirtyKidBasel Remix)23:51 – Naruto Shippuden - I Have Seen Much (Anigam3 Remix)26:05 – Naruto Shippuden - Comet (LSB Beats Remix)29:34 – Naruto Shippuden - Despair (Odece Trap Remix)32:23 – Naruto Shippuden - Hatred (n s h l Remix)35:56 – Naruto Shippuden - Scene of a Disaster (Kayou. Remix)39:17 – Naruto Shippuden OST - Old Friend (ÆkaSora Remix)42:28 – Naruto Shippuden - Saika (Anigam3 Remix)46:38 – Naruto Shippuden - Shirohae (LSB Beats Remix)49:58 - Naruto Shippuden OST - Saika (Matt Houston Remix)Follow the Artists:➤ Please Follow BrøkuzBeatz:SoundCloud:➤ Please Follow Fiction:SoundCloud:••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••➤ Please follow Yein:SoundCloud :➤ Please follow Axhel:Soundcloud: : : Facebook :➤Please follow Akash Patel:Facebook:➤Please follow B. HillFire:YouTube :➤ Please Follow DirtyKidBasel:YouTube: :➤ Please Follow LSB Beats:SoundCloud:➤ Please Follow Odece:SoundCloud:➤ Please Follow n s h l:SoundCloud:➤ Please Follow Kayou:SoundCloud:➤ Please follow HoustonIsTheProblem (Matt Houston):Soundcloud : : :© Follow Shinzu Music➤ Subscribe:➤ Soundcloud:➤ G+:➤ Twitter:🔔 CONTACT : 🔔 SUBMIT MUSIC: #trap #remix #lofi #shippuden


  • Hokage Of The World  2 months ago

    Naruto is a show of many wisdoms.Iruka taught me... not to judge people by their reputations but by their personalities. Haku taught me... that there is no good or evil when you're protecting the ones you love. Neji taught me... that if you leave your pride behind you can change your destiny. Rock Lee taught me... that hard work beats talent. Kakashi taught me... that teamwork and friendship stand above the rules. Hinata taught me... that love is worth fighting for. Sai taught me... that a life...

  • inphrit  14 days ago

    i like that

  • Simon Kc  2 months ago

    00:00 – Naruto Shippuden - Loneliness (BrøkuzBeatz Remix) 02:54 – Naruto Shippuden - Moonlight Talk (Fiction x Yein Trap Remix) 07:28 – Naruto Shippuden - Pain's Theme (Axhel Remix) 11:23 – Naruto - Rainy Day (ÆkaSora Remix) 15:00 – Naruto OST - Alone (B. HillFire Remix) 19:28 – Naruto Shippuden - Byakuya (DirtyKidBasel Remix) 23:51 – Naruto Shippuden - I Have Seen Much (Anigam3 Remix) 26:05 – Naruto Shippuden - Comet (LSB Beats Remix) 29:34 – Naruto Shippuden - Despair (Odece Trap Remix)32:23...

  • Nischara iMP  4 days ago


  • Zanth V  1 months ago

    Thanks needed this 🙏❤️

  • Amos Garcia  3 months ago

    I saw naruto instant"Like!"

  • Axel Pio  3 months ago

    The sad ones are my favourites, when i hear those i always think of how hard naruto's childhood and youth was, and all the hardships he had to overcome to get where he wanted. And it's like i feel his emotions trough that music.00:00 – Naruto Shippuden - Loneliness (BrøkuzBeatz Remix)29:34 – Naruto Shippuden - Despair (Odece Trap Remix)39:17 – Naruto Shippuden OST - Old Friend (ÆkaSora Remix)46:38 – Naruto Shippuden - Shirohae (LSB Beats Remix)

  • Wacław Przybylski  1 months ago

    I have imagined a battle during great war. With video showing devastated battlefield with this first song.

  • Jesus Christ  3 months ago

    First drop was directly descent from the heavens. Blinding rasengan coming at you as sasukes sword is unsheathed...speakitory devistation.

  • Sharma Sachin  1 months ago

    All those dislikes are white zestu

  • TodorokiKun_  3 months ago

    i addicted to it since i listen to V1 and when i gaming i need all of these mix anyway Nice Mix! Keep it up!! always waiting the best MIX came out!!! all of these mix make me want to rewatch Naruto ;-;

  • VIVIYFERNANDO  2 months ago

    Hi Todoroki and your right

  • TodorokiKun_  3 months ago

    @Japhet U. I'm re-watch it right now 😁 episode 172

  • Folco C  3 months ago

    Didn't know I needed this until I heard it. Good shit.

  • Julia Bastet  3 months ago


  • İtarumi Fansub ⱴ  1 months ago

    OhEyyy İm just crying in 00:00 - 03:00 THİS İS MAKİNG ME CRY awesome work c':