MATURE vs IMMATURE (Relationships)

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 5, 2019
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  • hottest changjo
    hottest changjo  14 days ago +170

    Did anyone else think that something wrong with Trev's eyebrows. Maybe like Shin Chan I think

  • RyN
    RyN  14 days ago +149

    What's wrong with Trev's eyebrows?

  • Kazin Offical
    Kazin Offical  14 days ago +233

    I didn't came here cuz of notifications...
    I came here cuz of ur IG post...

  • kyla lewis
    kyla lewis  14 days ago +156

    This was really funny😂😂😂😂🤣🤣*why do people say first when everybody just watched the same video at the same time it makes no sense*

  • Niyah dhaniyah
    Niyah dhaniyah  14 days ago +42

    is it just me or trev makeup is quite obvious

    AARDRA SOORAJ  14 days ago +88

    Dont worry Ridhwan
    Always be positive
    You are the best

  • • sxshii •
    • sxshii •  14 days ago +29

    If you watch JianHao Tan then you'll probably understand this.
    "Pei Shi! Pei Shi!"

  • Tom Idiculla
    Tom Idiculla  14 days ago +31

    Well Rose is back! Feel sad for Ridwan. Always making vids on relationships when he doesn't hv one

  • 珍珠奶茶MilkTea_
    珍珠奶茶MilkTea_  14 days ago +108

    Hi there Ridwan! I'm your biggest fan please give me a shoutout some time! :3

  • syana channn
    syana channn  14 days ago +31

    So I notice now I in immature relationship oh dear😫

  • Ashish Ka Vlog vines
    Ashish Ka Vlog vines  14 days ago +54

    Bro big fan can u pls like this 1 comment for ur fam

  • Haider Family Productions

    Never clicked so fast!!
    U guys r soo good❤️

  • Dylan L
    Dylan L  5 days ago +1

    I very distracted by ridhwan's non existing chin 😂

  • Aylin Moran
    Aylin Moran  14 days ago +22

    I think we need a break-
    Kitkat where u at?

  • Renee Lim
    Renee Lim  7 days ago +1

    U R IN AH BOYS 2 MAN! Omg love u btw like if u know that he is in ah boys 2 mans

  • gracearianator slip
    gracearianator slip  14 days ago +16

    Love your channel. Liked subscribed and turned on post notifications ❤️.

  • Supratim Das
    Supratim Das  14 days ago +16

    Why Ridwans new girlfriend (in this video) looks like Rosé ( Park Chaeyoung) ? She is so cute.

  • Seena M.R
    Seena M.R  14 days ago +8

    "I might as well just talk to the letter box."
    "Letter box, I had a bad day"
    *as letter box: "I will listen to you!"
    *tries to leave n hand gets stuck
    "I'm stuck!"
    "Babe I'm stuck to the letter box!"
    "I hate the letter box now.."
    Accurate story of my life lol😂😂😂

  • Kishala Blasubramaniam
    Kishala Blasubramaniam  14 days ago +10

    Never clicked so fast but still not the first view. Loved the video. Anyway Ridhwan are u committed

  • RyanGamer
    RyanGamer  14 days ago +2

    Who reads the description to check the date that s what I do