Casting Detective Pikachu

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 10, 2019
  • You should have seen the audition room when we were done....#DetectivePikachu tickets are now on sale:


  • kickassssnation027  3 months ago

    So now a sequel is being talked about, how about we make it Detective Pikachu and Inspector Eevee, and let's make Eevee's voice be, Hugh Jackman.

  • Phoenix Kw  8 days ago


  • TheredK10  2 months ago

    "I wanna feel the heat with somebody" as Charizard appears. Perfect timing.

  • Brenyatta  16 days ago

    Another time they did it, they cut to Bulbusaur. Quite the irony!

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  • Ryan Joshua Calo  2 months ago

    Seeing magikarp being useless shows that the producers are totally fans who knows what's up

  • aurelia  17 days ago

    @C21L01 yeah even about cubone wearing their dead mother's skull lol

  • Ryan Joshua Calo  1 months ago

    @C21L01 ikr my friend. I...k...r

  • Uldihaa  2 months ago

    You have to admire the clever ways they made Pokemon into plausible real creatures while still keeping most of the look from the anime and games. Look at Psyduck's eyes, the iris is so pale a blue/grey (and so large) that from even just a few feet away it would look he just had pupils.

  • Elissa  2 months ago

    Guys, we need to appreciate how cute Psyduck is..0:330:370:45

  • Habibul Huda  17 days ago

    Magikarp is the most adorable. Splashing all time

  • Kyle Pastarov  1 months ago

    I love psyduck so much.. Poor thing for its headache tho :(

  • Keshia Anders  2 months ago

    If this film doesn't win or get nominated for "Best Special Effects", I'm gonna be miffed.The animators did their best to make each Pokemon look familiar yet realistic. Making the cute ones cute, the cool ones cool, the pretty ones pretty, and the scary ones be scary.

  • um AppaL  1 months ago

    AIexGoneCrazy Who tf refers to a movie as a snoozer lmao. You’re knocking Endgame yet it had years of build up, with characters we’ve grown attached too. Wonder why it broke multiple records, previously held by Infinity War lmao. Love how you would vote for a movie that you haven’t even seen, when there very well could be bad CGI in the movie. Shit, I grew up on Pokémon and Godzilla but the MCU just takes it now. Yet you don’t see me knocking on the other franchises.

  • Deben GAito  1 months ago

    @ohtrueyeahnah ay dunkey

  • The Nutt Cracker  2 months ago

    i like how most pokemons actually make sounds similar to the original games, instead of just saying their own name

  • Babyyoshi309  29 days ago

    I know right?! Like for the classic ones like Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Squirtle, they say their names. But for the most part they actually stick to actual animal sounds and it makes me so happy.

  • pathosis  2 months ago

    They casted REAL Pokemon for the roles??...And all this time I thought they used CGI. Go figure....Oh, and that Eevee model...Oh my freakin' God, so adorable!

  • Mr Skra  11 days ago

    pathosis is waiting for an idiot to state something obv

  • Wen  2 months ago

    I want an Eevee now. My love for Eevee has reached new levels

  • oopdoop  2 months ago

    They did a good job on making them realilistic and cute at the same time.

  • Saurav Kumar  2 months ago

    0:37-0:39 that blinking of eyes and staring at the camera is just pure gold

  • Josh Youtube  12 days ago


  • Josh Youtube  12 days ago

    @hoi ching shut the fuck up it's bettet