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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 6, 2018
  • Thank you for always being here. This isn't the final chapter of this project but this is the First chapter for the rest of our lives inshaa'Allah.

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  • Sham Idrees VLOGS
    Sham Idrees VLOGS  2 months ago +7887

    We are engaged and i shared her real name on the most special night. Say Mashaa’Allah ❤️ SUBSCRIBE and this is where a new chapter of our lives starts...

  • ali lkarrar_official

    This is really romantic

  • Qamar Toba
    Qamar Toba  yesterday

    somebody plz tell me where she bought that dress from

  • Safa Slote
    Safa Slote  2 days ago

    I'm happy for you guys but if I may be honest... Sham could've done better with the ring. He lives in a multi-million dollar mansion I'm sure he could've invested more into it.

  • Aliyaan Mohammad
    Aliyaan Mohammad  2 days ago

    I already knew her real name in 2k17

  • Taiba Ghansar
    Taiba Ghansar  3 days ago +1

    Loving this videoooooo

  • Adnan Zafar
    Adnan Zafar  8 days ago

    H A TO U

  • Umer Usman
    Umer Usman  9 days ago

    Plz tell me the real name froggy

  • Ayesha Malik
    Ayesha Malik  10 days ago +1

    Such a beautiful nane😘😘😘😘

  • Ghost Protocol
    Ghost Protocol  12 days ago

    What's with the passport flashing? Did he get the British nationality at that time?

  • Nimra Jamil
    Nimra Jamil  13 days ago

    How did she agreed later when she refused earlier?

  • Lira Tabassum
    Lira Tabassum  13 days ago


  • angel II
    angel II  13 days ago

    they got married because of social media😂😂😂😂

  • Rahana Begum
    Rahana Begum  14 days ago +1

    U guys are so cute together
    Edit:I cried so much💜💜💜💜💜💜💜👏👏

  • YouTube_life 567
    YouTube_life 567  14 days ago +1


  • Humza Akhtar
    Humza Akhtar  15 days ago +1

    ALLAH hamesha buri nazar s pak rakhe

  • Faatimah Khalifa
    Faatimah Khalifa  15 days ago +1

    That is such a beautiful name mashallah

  • Ayat Khan Ayat
    Ayat Khan Ayat  15 days ago +1

    Allah TALLAH ap donoooo ko hmeshaaaaa Khush rkhy aminnnn😍😍😍😍

  • Shiyana Ch
    Shiyana Ch  16 days ago +1

    May Allah protects both of you😍

  • FlightAviator24
    FlightAviator24  17 days ago

    Imagine if he said no he brought all those people for no reason 😂