Stephen A.Smith Says Lakers Best Chance Of Winning Is With Kuzma,Hart,Lebron "SCORING PROLIFICALLY"

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 26, 2018
  • Stephen A.Smith Says Lakers Best Chance Of Winning Is With Kuzma,Hart,Lebron "SCORING PROLIFICALLY"


  • Frank Canada
    Frank Canada  a years ago

    You heard it for me will be trading Ingram he still has another 2 to 3 years please bookmark this post

  • Stebbie J
    Stebbie J  a years ago

    If they don't think he's that trade kuze then and watch him shine

  • Stebbie J
    Stebbie J  a years ago

    Woe really we didn't know!!!!fuck outta who didn't know this shit

  • felix diaz
    felix diaz  a years ago

    I agree with you Bro. I think ingram should come off bench.

  • T Thomas
    T Thomas  a years ago

    And What Exactly Is The NBA Team that STEVE A Played for????!

  • Don't reach Young blood

    Kuzma and lebron are the duo for the lakers an josh heart is very good to

  • Hell Rell
    Hell Rell  a years ago +1

    I can't believe the disrespect Lonzo gets. He's clearly the starting PG and his defense is impeccable! The starting 5 should be
    With Josh Hart being the anchor of the bench with
    Lance and Svi

  • TyQuan Thomas
    TyQuan Thomas  a years ago +1

    How when B I only played 2 games with bron
    Y'all sleeping on B I y'all will see by mid season

  • R C
    R C  a years ago

    Nah BI fits great with LeBron the only upside to Kuzma is that he can knock down 3s more consistently. For sure next season expect more bulking on BI and a little more on Kuz. They'll get strong enough to stand against any big.

  • EliteDaKinG
    EliteDaKinG  a years ago +2

    Trade Ingram for butler

  • Jerzee Deep
    Jerzee Deep  a years ago

    Gotta trade ingram and kcp

  • Lee G
    Lee G  a years ago

    BI and KCP need to come off the bench with soft and timid Lonzo as Lance show that he is the man that anchors the bench. Yeah, he's their boss.

  • VVS
    VVS  a years ago +9

    lonzos the best defensive guard. idc what anybody say

  • Goober Jones
    Goober Jones  a years ago +4

    Thanks for all the laker news and insight! I can’t wait to see how the lakers develop throughout this season .