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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 12, 2017
  • Enter offer code "Babish" at for 10% off your first purchase, or visit: to Basics With Babish, a new series to help you up your kitchen game and grow your cooking confidence. First things first: building your kitchen arsenal. Learn the essential kitchen tools you need to begin making beautiful meals at home. Next episode: Sauces!Check out a list of my kitchen tools here: song: "Stay Tuned" by Wuh Oh me on Twitch! First livestream is Thursday, October 26th! support Binging with Babish! Check out my Patreon at - you can get access to bonus videos, special content, and even a custom episode if you give me enough sweet sweet money! With Babish Website: With Babish Website:


  • Vinnidict Vulka  1 years ago

    Your math teacher: Everything has maths! Your science teacher: The world is chemistry! Babish: The very fundamental building blocks of our universe is cooking essentials

  • rudy garza  2 months ago

    This dude has that Samsung glass

  • rudy garza  2 months ago

    LETS GO !!!!!

  • thetvnerd  1 years ago

    I got the Wustof pro knife you recommended here and I love it. It's so sharp that I got my first 5 stitches from cutting an onion with it. 10/10 would cut onion again.

  • Swag Moment  18 days ago

    thetvnerd eh... shouldn’t have even hurt really. That’s why sharp knives are actually safer.

  • Assthetics  1 years ago

    Babish the type of guy to have a knife only for sandwich cross section

  • 기현 Arikadou  23 days ago

    Crap, Doug ffs

  • Bomethia  1 months ago

    Cornelius Needlemeyer lmao

  • The Messenger  1 years ago

    Throwback to when babish started "Binging With Babish" and was basically saying hes a part time chef and isn't very good. Well now you're teaching it my dude, eat -what you watch- your words!

  • Inebriatd  9 months ago

    Anna, we're always learning. It doesn't matter where we start. You just keep going.

  • Anna Castro  1 years ago

    He wasn’t “not very good” at the beginning. At least I hope not, because that would basically make me culinarily-challenged xD

  • KnifingGHST  1 years ago

    Went on Amazon to get the cutting board and saw almost everything you suggested in a "frequently bought together" bundle xD.

  • SeaBass  9 months ago

    That's hilarious.

  • PantryMonster  1 years ago

    I have the exact cutting board that he said was bad 😂

  • Flowerbud  1 months ago

    @Guy from Sex Offender Shuffle But each to their own, sorry sounding a bit condescendingl

  • Flowerbud  1 months ago

    @Guy from Sex Offender Shuffle The cutting board part, I have the big ikea one that Babish has thwt he said were bad and before watching this video, my experiences with thise kind of cutting boards are really bad

  • Theo Higgins  1 years ago

    You've done what my parents have tried and failed to do for years, got me curious about cooking.

  • Swag Moment  18 days ago

    Theo Higgins Thad good. My dad was actually a chef, and it surprises me that nobody else is actually interested in cooking or so it seems...

  • Martin Field  1 years ago

    So a pretty hilarious thing happened when I went on Amazon to check out some of the products you've been talking about (as I'm sure most other people have haha). Amazon's algorithm now has your products up on the "What do customers buy after viewing this item?" section. Touché salesman.

  • Gunner0 0Nexus  1 years ago

    Everyone shut up God is speaking

  • The Dimensioneer  2 months ago

    But he has a beard. He's clearly the son of God.

  • Super Franky  1 years ago

    PixelFever42 _ You have to be Shrek's favorite!

  • Alexabix  1 years ago

    So thanks to this video I just realised the pepper mill I've had for like 10 years is adjustable...

  • Ana Castro Dávila  1 years ago

    Same xD

  • not brooke  1 years ago