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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 12, 2017
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    Welcome to Basics With Babish, a new series to help you up your kitchen game and grow your cooking confidence. First things first: building your kitchen arsenal. Learn the essential kitchen tools you need to begin making beautiful meals at home. Next episode: Sauces!

    Check out a list of my kitchen tools here:

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  • Zilyanna
    Zilyanna  11 hours ago

    i think your voice might be an asmr trigger for me for somereason

  • Dylan J Balou
    Dylan J Balou  6 days ago

    Watched your stuff for a long time even some of these. But I lost someone special recently so now it’s time to study up! Wish me luck babi

  • Lucy Buehl
    Lucy Buehl  6 days ago

    No offense but that is a stainless sauteuse not a sauté- sauté has sloped sides for the sauté of turning over the ingredients. A sauteuse has straight sides for initial browning on the stove top then transferred to the oven for finish.

  • Ding Ding
    Ding Ding  7 days ago

    0:35 and its hella fun to eat the food after

  • Warrior Son
    Warrior Son  7 days ago +1

    I'm a big fan of the PALEO diet...that's why I cook only with a stick and some rocks.🤔

  • Warrior Son
    Warrior Son  7 days ago +1

    People talking about how sharp a knife is when buying it...🙄😒
    Any knife can be made sharp and every knife will become dull again.

  • Warrior Son
    Warrior Son  7 days ago +1

    Only lazy women are impressed by a man that can cook....😒

  • Isac Rivera
    Isac Rivera  7 days ago

    Can i just buy everything babish haves... I wanna have every kitchen supply Babish haves.

  • Michael Preston
    Michael Preston  7 days ago

    It's good to test out a knife if possible. I tried a few a Sur la Table, for example, and found my right fit.

  • Anthony Amrein
    Anthony Amrein  7 days ago

    You look great man. The beard and shaved head are on point.

  • Gavin
    Gavin  7 days ago

    Look, I like wusthoff, don’t get me wrong, but I insist you get a shun chef’s knife, it is incredible, I love those, sharpest, most well balanced knife I have ever worked with

  • Plebber
    Plebber  7 days ago +2

    5:08 this right here is why I'm getting into cooking

  • Michael Marr
    Michael Marr  14 days ago

    It is good to see another chef show a necessity basic kitchen tool!

  • Alex K
    Alex K  21 days ago

    what about the mini whisk?

  • Quinton Guo
    Quinton Guo  21 days ago

    I have a shun premier kiritsuke and you can't use normal knife skills with it

  • Behymer's Bar
    Behymer's Bar  21 days ago

    Babish, could you do a video on spices and seasonings in the kitchen?

  • Tim Drake-Wayne
    Tim Drake-Wayne  1 months ago

    I'm curious if anyone has good substitutes for nonstick- I keep a rescue bird and they're deathly allergic to the compounds and off-gasses from nonstick pans from what I understand. (I use mostly cast iron.)

  • Vincent Ewart
    Vincent Ewart  1 months ago

    All I learned from this is that if I have a poor quality small cutting board I will cause the death of haf of europe and I think I'll just stay out of the kitchen.

  • Mads Nielsen
    Mads Nielsen  1 months ago

    So size does matter!

  • Chris Nemat
    Chris Nemat  1 months ago

    The lighting in this vid is jarring