Scorpio!! You made the right decision!! May 2019

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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  • LA Union Starseed ABB

    I definitely did

  • Nonaly Villas
    Nonaly Villas  1 months ago

    Hi ur so cute n full of masculine im nov1 a real scorpio so accurate mysterious n have a high sex drive love ur channel

  • Jasmine Taro
    Jasmine Taro  6 months ago

    Being scorpio is hard, but I am proud to be scorpio.

  • jamij 14
    jamij 14  7 months ago

    Holy Shhhh... First minute and im scared as hell. Sayin love interest being a gemini and thats what im dealing with. I hope it doesnt get worst...

  • itsyaagirljas
    itsyaagirljas  7 months ago +1

    This was crazy scary accurate lmao idk what to do with life being a Scorpio 😭🤕

  • Rome's King
    Rome's King  7 months ago +1

    You are legit was a another Scorpio that was the soul mate...🦂↔🖤↔🦂

  • Liezl Coronas
    Liezl Coronas  7 months ago

    oct 23 is what horoscope? scorpio or libra?

  • Sithara Sanu
    Sithara Sanu  7 months ago

    Watching this on 31st may... What he said was totally accurate... 💯

  • colieon The fashion God

    Man you gave me so much clarity this was meant for me to see I dealt with a narcissistic ass Aquarius for ten years,talked to her the other day she always trying to reassure me that she over me but why do that if you really are and she feels the need to always talk about the person I knew for years is my soul mate Wich is a Leo this is a amazing reading,but alot of this I already knew but dud you just made it clear, thanks your amazing keep the energy up bro, Pluto & Mars 💯🖤💎😎

  • Mia Marulanda
    Mia Marulanda  7 months ago

    I need June 😐

  • Alina Korovina
    Alina Korovina  7 months ago +2

    Dude. What?? Watching this on the last day of May, and this is all mind blowingly accurate!!

  • Fresh Love
    Fresh Love  7 months ago

    Yummy daddy

  • Cynthia Gerhardt
    Cynthia Gerhardt  7 months ago

    Great reading! On point!

  • Pellegrino Aqua
    Pellegrino Aqua  7 months ago +1

    I'm Scorpio moon, this resonates more than my sun horoscope (Aquarius). But I'm not chasing anyone anymore. focusing on me.

  • Ana Maria Martín García

    Oh God! I can't believe that you describe so well my actual situation.....i like to have found your video :) it gives me peace. Thank you.

  • Kay Martin
    Kay Martin  7 months ago

    Is this only for Northern hemisphere?

  • Priya Mahalanobis
    Priya Mahalanobis  7 months ago

    The other week I secretly made out with one of my brothers best friends (and a long time family friend)
    We almost hooked up
    He called it off because he didn’t want to risk ruining what our families have, etc.
    I respected his decision and we haven’t really talked since, but it has indeed been “bugging me” and I’ve been wondering how they’re doing!
    This just confirmed to me that he’s been thinking about me too :D
    He secretly has been thinking about me just as much even though they don’t want to display it :D
    Maybe things will change with him next month :D
    I want to believe lol

  • Kori Reardon
    Kori Reardon  7 months ago

    Nailed it. And yes it was an Aries

  • Jan Paretovich
    Jan Paretovich  7 months ago

    Thank you

  • Mariyam Reesha
    Mariyam Reesha  7 months ago

    Dude. That right there. The reading is my life rn