Scorpio!! You made the right decision!! May 2019

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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  • brendon johnson
    brendon johnson  3 months ago +87

    Even the cards are secretive when a scorpio is involved

  • William Espinel
    William Espinel  3 months ago +37

    I’m speechless man. Every single thing you say in this video is my current life. Everything! It’s so accurate that it’s creepy lol

  • Efe de Flor
    Efe de Flor  4 months ago +142

    As a Scorpio Sun Moon Venus and Pluto, I can say that once you get used to being a phoenix you start enjoying it 😂😅

  • Marie Sembello
    Marie Sembello  4 months ago +54

    Not this Scorpio... I do not chase em I replace em ... what one man does not give me another one will and what he does not... I WILL GIVE MYSELF .. Gd read buddy👍👏🏻🦂💨

  • Donna Suszynski
    Donna Suszynski  4 months ago +104

    Balance is key Rich! This scorpio is just waiting for the balanced male. I'm too deep and deserve emotionally available!

  • Keanna Wilson
    Keanna Wilson  3 months ago +47

    Bust down scorpiana i wanna see you bust down!!!!!😂😂🤣😂🤣

  • Fatimah ghamdi
    Fatimah ghamdi  4 months ago +53 already in that energy..decided to keep an emotional distance and finally i feel balanced again.. not quite happy about it but it should be this way. Thanks rich

  • theoryofeverything
    theoryofeverything  4 months ago +59

    Scorpios.. you peep how the Queen of Wands is upright through all that mental strife, that’s because these muthafuckas know better than to take vengeance on Pluto’s children... Scorpio 🌚 (moon). . When you right, you right.

  • Tiffany Tan
    Tiffany Tan  4 months ago +12

    Not going to lie, I started snickering when you said that person was stressed. Serves em right! He was a total jerk. Bring on the psychological growth!

  • Samantha B.
    Samantha B.  4 months ago +105

    Finally 😭 I bet Scorps were feeling neglected 😂.

  • Scorpio soul/Liz
    Scorpio soul/Liz  4 months ago +67

    Yea he said he wanted to find himself 🤔 so I got scorpionic on his ass and had my fun and just forgot him. I stung him where it hurt!!

  • ScorpioRoseTarot
    ScorpioRoseTarot  4 months ago +36

    I have been keeping the faith but it seems that life is only giving me lessons. I want a balanced man and relationship. Why is that so hard for a Scorpio girl to find? Thank you Rich. Can’t wait for the bonuses. Aqua-man in my future?? Hmmm sounds nice.

  • Tiffany Ann
    Tiffany Ann  4 months ago +40

    Seriously im going to find the cameras lol im being watched!!!

  • Ashley Victoria
    Ashley Victoria  4 months ago +49

    Cross watching. Self sabotage at it’s finest 😅. I’d wish him the best but he already had it🤣🤓

  • Beyond Me
    Beyond Me  4 months ago +15

    Hey Scorpio here.. I'm done and moving on... he does playing it cool and ignoring me after I finally told him that I am moving out... and moving on .... Too many RED FLAGS!! BYE BOY!!

  • Ness 2cute
    Ness 2cute  4 months ago +43

    Left a Leo 3 yrs ago best decision for me bcuz I found my true love wit a cancer celebrating 2 yrs together this August 🥰

  • RayDel Sol
    RayDel Sol  4 months ago +13

    Slammed that door 🚪 HARD. In his FACE. Unfortunately I think his nose was in the way. I’m so friggin giddy within myself cuz I see my worth now. His side option is not a choice anymore. Cry me a flippin river! APPROACH ME! STEP UP! I will give you the all the venom from my stinger, you little naked emperor. COME BACK! PUT ME IN A CORNER AND EXPECT ME TO STAY?!?! TRY AND TALK TO ME ........... I dare you ❤️

  • Tin Miw
    Tin Miw  4 months ago +26

    Scorpio Dealing with the Virgo here

  • Blanca Ortega
    Blanca Ortega  4 months ago +23

    Oh my....YOUR HOT!!!

  • the forg
    the forg  4 months ago +30

    Slammed the door on the aqua, they not happy.