Paul Mooney Cancels Shows After Sexual Allegations Surrounding Richard Pryor's Son

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 29, 2019
  • Revolt TV accounts new co-host Eboni K Williams (00:10)
    Valet accuses Judge Mathis of spitting in his face (01:36)
    Paul Mooney cancels show after allegations (03:18)
    Tyler Perry studio signs on highway (04:31)

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    Paul Mooney Cancels Shows After Sexual Allegations Surrounding Richard Pryor's Son

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  • Moree lite
    Moree lite  6 days ago

    Ebony Williams ain't shit but a mouth

  • Carol Mc Quay
    Carol Mc Quay  14 days ago

    How many more of our ICONS will be taken down ? Paul Mooney has always been a controversial comedian. Caucasians LOATHE him. Many leave his shows. Anyone that we have loved WE SEEM to jump on their bandwagon to destroy. They came after Michael Jackson and he's been gone since 1995. Paul Mooney is just another one they are trying to take down. Put the pieces together family..........Who will be next? Wake up! Take a look AT ALL the ones they have taken down. They want to destroy LEGACIES family! The govt. comes for them. The Police comes for them and US And the media has become Judge and Jury. Who controls that? I don't care how freaky these entertainers are. Until THEY treat EVERYBODY EQUAL........I will always take a stand behind our celebrities. Charlie Sheen. Woody Allen. Weinstein. Spacey. Where's COSBY? In Prison. LEAVE PAUL MOONEY ALONE ! Paul Mooney ain't no coward! Since when has he ever been short on words? He's an Elder. And being so, health issues has begun to bang on his door. Last time he spoke in an interview I noticed that his speech was not the same. That brother can no longer defend himself, so AS A COMMUNITY WE MUST !!!

  • Dustin Gnias
    Dustin Gnias  14 days ago

    He’s guilty like the rest of em.. jerry Sandusky, r.kelly, Cosby, Kevin spacey, what’s up with people??? Just come and say your gay or bi... wtf

  • Walter De wit
    Walter De wit  21 days ago

    Great respect for Tyler Perry and what he achieved but his Madea movies suck.

  • 4Bidan
    4Bidan  21 days ago

    Noooo.. i think it should be different people when they can... but oh well. An intelligent black woman with other knowledge than remy and joe may foster more substance:

  • doobtubes
    doobtubes  28 days ago

    I believe it paul mooney always seemed kinda fruity

  • ForrealForreal
    ForrealForreal  28 days ago

    Most black folks that are in a white dominated line of work like acting or involved in Hollywood have skeletons and have most likely done weird shit

  • DEXTER’S Laboratory


  • xiomana xoxoxo
    xiomana xoxoxo  28 days ago +1

    I met Judge Mathis I cna't imagaine him spitting on anyone, but I can see him being a DIVA about waiting for Valet...

    I YAM WHITE  28 days ago

    He's always been a bit suspect. Any man who closes his eyes and raises his eyebrows while shaking his head 'No' is gay.

  • Midnight Rambler
    Midnight Rambler  28 days ago

    Keeping it real..

  • Nicholas White
    Nicholas White  a months ago

    I thought Mooney was so old he had dementia???? Sons didn't say He was touring.

  • Christopher Williams

    all you have to do is watch the roast off Richard Pryor back in the 70s Paul Mooney was homosexual Richard Pryor was bisexual so there you have it

  • Christopher Williams

    it's clear to see that Paul Moody was homosexual ,but his comedy is on point.

  • darbyadvert
    darbyadvert  a months ago

    Redundant?! Tyler Perry's biggest movie was Not Big Momma's House... but I give him credit for doing it all on his own and sticking it to the tv and film industry.

    THE EMPIRE  a months ago

    Charlabitch is so fucking annoying to me.

  • Mateen Quwi
    Mateen Quwi  a months ago

    Charlemagne said if I let three S's off 😂 😂 😂

  • Slapboytv
    Slapboytv  a months ago

    Leave dez old Nigga’s alone Hollywood full of gay shit it’s that Illuminati shit

  • FACE
    FACE  a months ago


  • manny romero
    manny romero  a months ago +2

    are they any black american entertainers who are not gay?