Types of People During Robbery 🏦

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 22, 2019
  • Did you guys know about Run, Hide, Tell method? What would you do if you were involved in this Robbery?

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    Directed, shot and edited by Ryan & Sylvia



  • carrieee
    carrieee  yesterday +1

    is it my school watch this then today whole day is about sgsecure and we only did lockdown and evacuation ? lmao

  • Sian's hope
    Sian's hope  yesterday

    Do you know mini moochi?

  • S H E R L E N E
    S H E R L E N E  2 days ago

    8:03 police takes pic of them background

  • Mr Keanop
    Mr Keanop  4 days ago +1

    How easy it is to just use the emergency exit.

  • Soni Lika
    Soni Lika  5 days ago

    instead of hiding when zi jie was locking the door, why dont they just beat zi jie ? I mean zi jie don't have weapon that time plus they are 5

  • mochimoomoo 101
    mochimoomoo 101  6 days ago +4

    zijie has been shooting pigs and robbing banks when he isn’t laughing on set 24/7

  • kr4zyy
    kr4zyy  6 days ago +1

    Just go to any comments section of the SGSecure app and you'll see all the stories come out lmao

  • Jane Erica
    Jane Erica  7 days ago

    omg the girl in black hair is bisaya?!

  • Êxpiređツ PUBG Mobile

    Legend says that Aureila is still vlogging
    And those guns are M16A4 with Grenade Launcher

  • Layla Lam
    Layla Lam  7 days ago

    Like number
    Even:Girl Win
    Odd:Boys Win.
    This is end in new year 2020.

  • Wolf Gaming
    Wolf Gaming  7 days ago

    Like seriously why are those woman's quarelling and say it's not robbery at the start when the guy came in he already said. " this is a robbery " .

  • Gamez Onz!
    Gamez Onz!  7 days ago

    vids getting more bored lame n fake.. all for sake of advertising instead of past entertainment

  • Peck sim Tan
    Peck sim Tan  7 days ago


  • Jelly Jellies
    Jelly Jellies  7 days ago +1

    0:29 Rachel's jollibee shirt lol pilipino 1k

  • norman 5006
    norman 5006  14 days ago +2

    Wait... is that the same line used in a video like 4 years ago( online scamming video)

  • Arull Murugan S
    Arull Murugan S  14 days ago +1

    Sylvia accent is soo good.
    Guess she must have worked hard !!!

  • anstjj Games
    anstjj Games  14 days ago

    5:54 Omg look at the building in the background it’s Anson House and my name is Anson lol hahahha I wish I was that rich😢

  • Jason _0226
    Jason _0226  14 days ago


  • Jason _0226
    Jason _0226  14 days ago

    Paid ad🤦‍♂️

  • Savannah_Playz
    Savannah_Playz  14 days ago +2

    It really looks like Aurelia was crying leh.. Jesus Cries...