This is the ONLY McLaren Senna with this $500,000 OPTION



  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson  2 days ago

    Oooh that carbon British racing green finish on that Senna looks beast

  • Machmett Mutmasslich

    fucking idiot

  • Dylan Leago
    Dylan Leago  1 months ago

    5:40 guy with red shirt and shorts next to green senna immediately stops conversation on phone and waves on camera. He must know you James!

  • Samantha Jester
    Samantha Jester  1 months ago

    U live at the gas station lol

  • Samantha Jester
    Samantha Jester  1 months ago

    How does that kid own that car

  • Hayden Cutrone
    Hayden Cutrone  1 months ago

    I was waching cars withoutlimits and he was walking and i could see you and hear you in the back ground

  • Michael Mendia
    Michael Mendia  1 months ago

    That bastard does not own that Huayra...

  • Kyle Scott
    Kyle Scott  1 months ago

    1400$ for the gas cap

  • crazy Trillionaire
    crazy Trillionaire  1 months ago

    Which camera and mic do u use

  • Ruby iscute
    Ruby iscute  1 months ago

    I wish your filming equipment was better lol

  • - 65Playz -
    - 65Playz -  1 months ago

    0:37 I heard Mustangs like crowds. Probably getting ready to run over those crowds of hypercars

  • Michael Kerr
    Michael Kerr  1 months ago

    That highly undisclosed location is the DuPont home in Stratford Ct. There it's now disclosed

    • Michael Kerr
      Michael Kerr  1 months ago

      Ethan Haynes I knew I could get someone to admit it’s location lol

    • Ethan Haynes
      Ethan Haynes  1 months ago

      its not... its an hour away from Stratford lmao

  • vaibhav jain
    vaibhav jain  1 months ago

    Why were there no bugattis?

  • oplix
    oplix  1 months ago

    the gas cap costs $5 to make. stop living in a delusional fucking reality and dragging young kids into it. EVERYTHING COSTS MILLION OF DOLLARS. I CANT BELIEVE IM AROUND ALL THESE HIGH COST ITEMS.

  • oplix
    oplix  1 months ago

    getting merch signed by youtubers. how fucking lame is it to be a kid in 2018. lmao.

  • Blaze KICK
    Blaze KICK  1 months ago

    Aye ur in Connecticut!!! Not to be creepy but i know exactly where u are on the highway

  • Will C
    Will C  1 months ago

    I live in that town

  • Arturo Renteria
    Arturo Renteria  1 months ago

    Is that sparky??

  • Mattieux Tremblay
    Mattieux Tremblay  1 months ago

    you didnt put in the Huayra Roadster startup. I got that on camera as well as you commentating the startup 😂

  • J Torres
    J Torres  1 months ago

    I would park the cheapest car under the lift (NSX) in case of a failure or earthquake. If you claim an earthquake isn't possible near you think again & then thank the oil industry for fracking.