The Insane $1.8Million McLaren Senna!! First in the United States!!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 7, 2018
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  • Alan Klosinski
    Alan Klosinski  4 months ago +1

    So, can you get some of us in to that when they do it again?? That is AMAZING! Just to see those cars would be a dream

  • Dylaner_16
    Dylaner_16  8 months ago

    I was at the dream ride, I saw you leaving in a car, where you were and where the dream ride was is my hometown

  • IScarzyI
    IScarzyI  8 months ago

    The nicest specd senna i've seen so far.

  • PSN Gamer
    PSN Gamer  8 months ago

    I know thos spot Its a house in new York , Mt. Kisco ?

  • Alex Bennett
    Alex Bennett  9 months ago +1

    These are my favorite cars in order: mclaren p1, pagani huayra, Lamborghini veneno, Bugatti divo, mclaren senna, Ferrari laferrari, Ford gt,

  • Mystic Man
    Mystic Man  10 months ago

    I learnt something from this video. I learnt that La quox is a drink. I didn't know that. I probably spelt it wrong.

  • Akshith Naidu
    Akshith Naidu  11 months ago

    Buy it !!!

  • Senna The Hypper
    Senna The Hypper  11 months ago

    Maybe a 10k petrol cap

  • tfs2O3
    tfs2O3  a years ago

    Michael Fux place. He owns that green Senna. He is also selling his LaFerrari Coupe and Aperta.

  • Name
    Name  a years ago

    What grown man eats a cupcake 😂

  • airsoft models
    airsoft models  a years ago

    that exposed green carbon looks hideous and does nothing for performance. the blue senna looks far better, even with the lift up.

  • Harun IT
    Harun IT  a years ago

    Whose actually seen a senna and had a photo

  • Harun IT
    Harun IT  a years ago

    Me when I see a pagani 😮

  • New England Car Spotting

    I was there and it was awesome to meet you in person, I was the one who held you up on the blue Senna( Sorry) you should do to this every year, it gets better every year.

  • LordF100
    LordF100  a years ago

    The Senna is a ugly car.....

  • shahanara haque
    shahanara haque  a years ago

    I have a mcralen senna it is worth $$$$$

  • Inceptionz
    Inceptionz  a years ago

    the way he says koenigsegg makes me wanna fucking die

  • Connor M
    Connor M  a years ago


  • Garrett Cossey
    Garrett Cossey  a years ago

    I saw a McLaren 650 in Arkansas

  • William Marks
    William Marks  a years ago

    nice car dude :)