The Trump Presidency: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 12, 2017
  • One year after the presidential election, John Oliver discusses what we've learned so far and enlists our catheter cowboy to teach Donald Trump what he hasn't.

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  • Dr. Pastor Charlie S.

    Screw you and your communist show John Oliver. Please leave America and go back to where you came from.

    Let me tell you something you stupid mother fucker...I would give anything for you to be standing right in front of me. I would beat your ass

    50 different ways. You are a liar, a coward, and a pasty little Leftist soy boy cuck. Fuck you John Oliver, you fucking piece of shit.

  • xev1435
    xev1435  yesterday

    iPhone / Mac Os predictive test, for 2020!

  • Tyler Parker
    Tyler Parker  yesterday

    Man i absolutely love john oliver. Genius levels of intellect/humour.

  • angelidez13
    angelidez13  yesterday

    Every weekend I do 88 in a DeLorean...

  • Frank Rankin
    Frank Rankin  2 days ago

    Hilarious. I can't get enough President put downs in my comedy.

  • Sprite Bonn
    Sprite Bonn  2 days ago

    British suck

  • Heavenly BluE
    Heavenly BluE  2 days ago

    There's a difference between bringing up random things like "What about Jeffrey Dommer" in an unrelated murder trial and bringing up the relevant things that are being treated unequally by the fake news media. At Charlottesville, it's absolutely relevant that the so-called "Nazi" who was found guilty of somehow giving a really fat woman a heart attack with his car had been surrounded by antifa thugs who were striking his car with batons, umbrellas, and just whatever objects they were carrying, and he couldn't drive forwards or backwards without hitting anyone. It's also relevant that the so-called Nazis had a permit for their rally, but for some reason the Lugenpresse portrayed the black clad violent antifa thugs as "counter protestors."

  • Peter Nicolaides
    Peter Nicolaides  3 days ago

    T yrannical
    R epulsive
    U nhinged
    M oronic
    P arasite

  • JL SM
    JL SM  3 days ago +3

    Kurds should have paid attention when trump said "I don't stand by anything" on 2nd thought so should the American People.

  • wolf fiow
    wolf fiow  3 days ago

    or the fact that he's improved the economy and your s*** talking has dropped your ratings how does that feel

  • Steve Kyrie
    Steve Kyrie  4 days ago

    Reporters aren't allowed to just say "fuck you" to a politician?

  • Zack Tengler
    Zack Tengler  4 days ago

    So just an idea, here but why don't you try to start a new trend where we never say his name. Refer to him as the president or douche nozzle or something like that not that exactly just you know, like it...My reasoning for this is to strip his name from him, which I believe will drive him insane. I know we don't have much longer at this point till he may be out of office but I think the damage to his ego can still be done

  • JD S
    JD S  4 days ago +2

    Again, Fox "news" isn't; it is (bad) entertainment. John Oliver so thoroughly eviscerates the Trump Regime, again. What about just impeaching the Autocrat NOW....?

  • prabhu chakli
    prabhu chakli  4 days ago

    I wish John Oliver would fuck off and take his canned laughter with him.

  • Ck Jenks
    Ck Jenks  5 days ago

    Voting Trump 2020! 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️

  • Cecile Povich
    Cecile Povich  6 days ago

    Called a word salad.

  • Ric Brown
    Ric Brown  6 days ago +3

    "Those of us who are sick of the status quo...", said one of the Fox "News" nut jobs who blew an aneurism when Obama wore a tan suit. #hypocrite

  • truthiness 63
    truthiness 63  6 days ago +2

    Does it not say something about how stupid half of all Americans are....that's a damn scary thing

  • Trenton Bless
    Trenton Bless  6 days ago +4

    And my how things have escalated since then.

  • MG1984 GM1984
    MG1984 GM1984  7 days ago

    Your face borne to 🥊