BEST FOOD 2018 - My YouTube Rewind!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 26, 2018
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    First, I want to say a huge thank you for your amazing support - for watching, sharing, liking, our videos, and for your positivity and encouragement throughout the year.

    I love to eat vegetables, but 2018 turned into a bit of a meat heavy year, but I probably had some of the best meat dishes I have ever had in my life.

    In this list of best food 2018, along with the top 10 meals in 2018, I also included 10 of my favorite travel destinations, and the camera / video gear I used throughout the year - you can see that on the blog:

    From Mexico to Pakistani, it was an amazing year, and thank you again for your incredible support!

    Happy New Year!


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    Thank you for watching!


  • Mark Wiens
    Mark Wiens  22 days ago +1267

    What was your best meal in 2018? Thank you for your amazing support this year, and wishing you a Happy New Year! And here is the blog post with more details about all these meals: and you can watch the 10 full videos here:

    • nostredamos 1
      nostredamos 1  8 hours ago


    • nostredamos 1
      nostredamos 1  8 hours ago

      Love from Ethiopia

    • Amirul Hoque Sharif
      Amirul Hoque Sharif  2 days ago

      I generally follow some of the food bloggers. From them, you are the most different, who can't hide his excitement, expressions, and emotions. Love your way. Love from BANGLADESH.

    • ram magar
      ram magar  2 days ago

      Mark Wiens keep up bro

    • John Edward Jones
      John Edward Jones  4 days ago

      I had a seafood stew at LA Fisheria on 5th in Playa del Carmen. It was recommended by Benito one of the best waiters anywhere. The soup was so good. Eaten there a few times over 18 months and Benito always recommends the best dish of the day.
      Best margarita too.

  • Fauzan Azhiimaa
    Fauzan Azhiimaa  47 minutes ago

    Pengeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnn 😍😍😍😍😍

  • nostredamos 1
    nostredamos 1  8 hours ago

    Love from Ethiopia

  • Jacob P
    Jacob P  9 hours ago


  • 99 bb
    99 bb  10 hours ago +1

    Well...2018 has left the chat, memories are made, life goes on with Mark's amazing videos!!

  • BeyonD IN
    BeyonD IN  14 hours ago

    I wish I could do the same what you do. This video is freaking Amazing the best of best :)

  • natasha aamir
    natasha aamir  15 hours ago

    taste style very amazing
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  • warpath tuturu
    warpath tuturu  16 hours ago

    You amazing mark

  • Emily Wangari
    Emily Wangari  17 hours ago

    Thank you for taking us along in your adventures!

  • bookzaa zaa
    bookzaa zaa  17 hours ago

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  • Brent O'Dempsey
    Brent O'Dempsey  17 hours ago

    Thanks to you and you Blog, I now cook 7 days a week for my family!
    Your reviews of the food, and especially the beautiful people and cultures of where they are from, has opened my eyes and made me Hungry for more...
    I cook from ideas that show in your videos, and have fallen in love with Low 'N' Slow BBQ.
    Keep up the great work, and hope you visit Perth, Australia, as the Beers are on me...

  • MaRvellino gaming
    MaRvellino gaming  17 hours ago +1

    02:30 willsmith???

  • Andrea oliveros
    Andrea oliveros  18 hours ago

    I not only love watching him but I love how he always includes his family 💖💕

  • Hamida Ayaz
    Hamida Ayaz  19 hours ago

    wow I thoroughly enjoyed your video Marks. its fabulous

  • Sajid Ali
    Sajid Ali  20 hours ago

    Pakistan is everywhere 😍😍😍😍

  • Lunga Swazi
    Lunga Swazi  22 hours ago

    Peixe pedra. That was my best and final meal of 2018. I had it in Praia do Tofo, Mozambique. It's also a beautiful destination

  • Lunga Swazi
    Lunga Swazi  23 hours ago

    I rate that doro wat. I 've never had anything Ethiopian, but that looks like life itself

  • Juan Felipe  Caro Monroy

    For him everything tastes incredibly life changing

  • Mackson MIGUEL Mackson

    Way to go man👊🏼

  • DAVID 143 SHAH
    DAVID 143 SHAH  yesterday

    I eat chapli kabab at least once in a week I like it so much. And that nali biryani is so delicious I will specially try it when I go to Karachi.

    • Saad Haider
      Saad Haider  8 hours ago

      Sir aap aen.. Hum apki mehman nawazi krengi aur waheen ki nalli biryani khilaengy