Rebuilding My First Supercar, Super cheap Wrecked 2017 Nissan GTR From Copart Salvage Auction

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 17, 2019
  • Rebuilding a Wrecked 2017 Nissan GT-R

    I wasn't expecting to buy a Nissan gtr and thought it'd go way over my budget but somehow we bought this 2017 Nissan gtr from copart for an amazing deal.
    stay tuned with this build and all of our other builds.

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  • Dima Anisimov
    Dima Anisimov  2 days ago

    Hello to russians :)


    how much was it????

  • H K S
    H K S  7 days ago

    I’m sorry you cannot fix this car; parts car at best.

  • Jivko Valev
    Jivko Valev  14 days ago

    ,,,its looks like a bit of damage " man are you serious ? This car (chassi) is dead forever

  • Mario Alo
    Mario Alo  21 days ago

    Where is that scrapping? OMG

  • Steven Huang
    Steven Huang  1 months ago

    Cheapest sounds like dumbest to me.....
    Get it right or don’t bother ...

  • Sar Yo
    Sar Yo  1 months ago

    Keep up the good work bro. Am watching ur channel from Greece!!

  • jeff flowers
    jeff flowers  1 months ago

    he sounds like a kid in a candy shop lol ... but i like the channel

  • Sulman Hafeez
    Sulman Hafeez  2 months ago

    His next project car will be this one

  • ss1970chevelle454
    ss1970chevelle454  2 months ago

    Damn you're so annoying

  • citic101
    citic101  2 months ago

    another death trap hits the streets............;; is this Bulgaria ?

  • B-Well Coaching
    B-Well Coaching  2 months ago

    Most of my petrol head friendshave many rebuilds on the go..not just one..that's what makes it fun and one likes working on the exact same thing every day

  • Amy Vari
    Amy Vari  2 months ago

    What is the price this car??

  • КоНдРаТ TV
    КоНдРаТ TV  2 months ago +1

    Прикольно ПОДПИШИСЬ на меня а я на тебя

  • Batman
    Batman  3 months ago

    You excited like baby in candy store ,that car is bent like banana.

  • shuttle desk
    shuttle desk  3 months ago

    cute that you clean down the engine while the car sits twisted. like pissing on a forest fire lol

  • Armando
    Armando  3 months ago

    this is like being at the hospital waiting for your baby 2:44

  • BreezyAxxes TM
    BreezyAxxes TM  3 months ago

    Awesome GTR man I’m sure when you done with it the car will look OEM. Upload more often tho I like your videos bro

  • Rob Major
    Rob Major  3 months ago

    Couple of factswhen doing this type of I did this myself. Know what car you're going to rebuild and if you are capable of doing yourself...if not you're screwed. Fact is a rebuilt supercar will be salvage title. For resale banks ( most ) Do not write loans. So you'll have a hard time selling it. If you keep it, will cost close to what a decent used car would cost. There are exceptions of course but it's a huge, epic gamble. I personally do not recommend ( from my experience and others I know ) to take on this type of projects... note very few people actually show the overall cost and successful transition. These videos are so cool to look at until you do this yourself.

  • tizzlin87
    tizzlin87  3 months ago

    Still waiting for the next episode 😩😩😩