How the trainer stays fit after eating 5 times more than others [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2019.12.01]

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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 1, 2019
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  • Randy Jaja
    Randy Jaja  2 hours ago

    I think this coach reminds me of kim jong kook 🤣

  • Puglover148
    Puglover148  7 hours ago

    I want dongeun to be my trainer

  • Charles Kennedy
    Charles Kennedy  12 hours ago

    Eat big to get big

    TWO TEEN  19 hours ago

    The coach is such devoted trainer to his co-workers and customers. I like him 👍👍👍

  • Chaluin Nehgy
    Chaluin Nehgy  yesterday

    trainer Dongeun should do a mukbang videos hehe

  • N.G here
    N.G here  yesterday +1

    Please include Instructor Dongeun more.... she's so funny..... she 's the version female of couch hyun 😂😂😍❤

  • juliaz Toto
    juliaz Toto  yesterday

    sub indonesia pliss...

  • safik maidin
    safik maidin  yesterday

    New Dongeun fan here....

  • CookiesTriedToEatMe

    He's such a great trainer

  • Sarah
    Sarah  2 days ago +1

    Everyone saying how cute and charming the girl trainer is meanwhile she lowkey seems like she would appear above you while you're sleeping with an axe in her hand IDK SOMETHING IS FREAKY ABOUT HER

  • faye martinez
    faye martinez  2 days ago

    Does anyone know the first song? 🤧 started in 0:38

  • Elpula Nandini
    Elpula Nandini  2 days ago

    I reminded sulli when I saw the thumbnail

  • Sloth on Caffeine
    Sloth on Caffeine  2 days ago +45

    "How the trainer stays fit after eating 5 times more than others"

    Isn't it the other way around? It's not about how she stays fit despite eating a lot, her eating a lot is the reason why she can work out and stay fit.

  • Lil Pocky
    Lil Pocky  3 days ago

    Does anyone know what her actually workout routine is or anywhere I can find it? What is her instagram?

  • Lizzy Koch
    Lizzy Koch  3 days ago

    Exercise bulimic 🙄

  • I'm a hard cummer, fuck you bitch

    I don't know Japanese

  • Chiara K
    Chiara K  3 days ago +1

    Is she AI? 😂 that had me dead 😂😂

  • Azzy1798
    Azzy1798  4 days ago +31

    The fact that there are hotties but my eyes still choose to look at the girl, dayum what a girl crush

  • Justin Caleb
    Justin Caleb  4 days ago +14

    "How the trainer stays fit after eating 5 times more than others "

    The trainer is the guy in the purple shirt?
    if you workout harder and are more active your body needs a lot more calories so of course you can eat more and not get fat.

  • aminahms
    aminahms  5 days ago