Brexit explained: What is the problem with the Irish border?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 7, 2018
  • Northern Ireland is the smallest nation in the UK, but the border with the Republic of Ireland could become one of the biggest parts of the Brexit negotiations. So why is the Irish border so important?



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  • Weltschmerz
    Weltschmerz  3 days ago

    Colonist vs Irish

  • Flatlinehun
    Flatlinehun  14 days ago

    O look, hungary has a beach now! Great!

  • Thea McMichael
    Thea McMichael  14 days ago

    a united ireland could benefit the joint economy 32bn and i personally wish for a united ireland but another troubles simply isn’t an option

  • Yep, It’s peridot.
    Yep, It’s peridot.  21 days ago +2

    Brexit: happens
    The I.R.A: it’s rewind time.

  • Exploring Herbs
    Exploring Herbs  21 days ago


  • Nurul Akther Niloy

    fantastically explained

  • Nicole Walsh
    Nicole Walsh  1 months ago

    Let people understand it's not an Irish border it's a British border on the island of Ireland.. anyways boris Johnson has a majority and doesn't need the DUP to stay in power so there veto is gone.. ! Elections took place a few days ago and native Irish in the north for the first time since partition have a bigger majority than the British loyalist camp.. this is huge for the aspirations for a United Ireland. Most Irish people on the whole island meaning in the republic would if asked would you like to see a United Ireland they would say yes but the loyalist parties will pick the gun up if this was ever to happen.. its changing times for the north of Ireland but it mite get the gun brought back into Irish politics.. ! We have had walls separating nationalists and Protestants for the last 50 years. Long before Israel fenced the Palestinians into there open air prisons.. that's why you see the nationalists fly the Palestinian flag along side the Irish tricolour our flag.. symbol of understanding of how Palestinian people are treated by the Israeli state..! Its a complicated situation that you'd have to have lived true.. 800 hundred years of British rule leave's its mark!

  • paul broderick
    paul broderick  1 months ago

    Ireland needs to be reunited. It was never part of the UK only Cromwell and the Black and Tans were under that illusion, the pawns of political treachery.

  • Optikification
    Optikification  1 months ago

    If you ask any mainland Brit they will say people in NI are paddies so are Irish. They don't even sound English. Those in NI don't want to be part of Ireland yet don't want an hard boarder how thick can they be.

  • Stephen Little
    Stephen Little  1 months ago

    Only solution is get out of Ireland once and for all. Irish sea can be the border. Done.

  • Ronin
    Ronin  1 months ago

    It's also really about the EU being cunts, ostensibly over their 'high standard' goods (ie proper banana radius grown by EU connected overlords), but also bc they are butthurt and dont want to lose the only other star player on the team.

  • Ronin
    Ronin  1 months ago

    Just offer Ireland a great deal on a 100yr mortgage and call it good.

  • dan europe
    dan europe  1 months ago

    in the philippines the british gave our territories of northern borneo to malaysia..its still ours now ,britain now has the same problem of what they have created to the philippines in the the future britain will loose all ireland territory.. ...the rooster came home to roost for britain..

  • athausand dollahs
    athausand dollahs  1 months ago

    any type of border will be a target for the IRA the undefeated army

  • athausand dollahs
    athausand dollahs  1 months ago

    respect the common travel area agreement

  • Vincent Meyer
    Vincent Meyer  2 months ago

    why did you cut out norway like that bruh

  • Tadas Blindavicius
    Tadas Blindavicius  2 months ago

    The UK, after all, pays to EU just 161 million pounds a week but not 350 million a week as Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson displayed on the "Leave campaign" busses. Why Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson misled British people about "350 million pounds a week expenditure"? Every week the UK Treasury gets 88 million pounds back from the EU and 50 million of it gets farming and fisheries. Basically, the British people were fooled or misled about all "Brexit agenda and the EU itself in the first place. All these "tough debates, talkings, and arguments" about Brexit should have been happening beforehand. Now obviously British people know much much more about Brexit risks and the consequences of it. Back then they weren't. The second referendum would be a fair solution for Britain.

  • LukaFFM
    LukaFFM  2 months ago +2

    Nice video i disliked

  • Who said it was me?
    Who said it was me?  2 months ago

    So many triggered plastic paddies on here lol. Ireland's just a poor UK copy.

  • Blue Eyes
    Blue Eyes  2 months ago

    The UK finally needs to leave Ireland 🇮🇪 alone and let it be a LONE and UNITED country-once and for all!