Brexit explained: What is the problem with the Irish border?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 7, 2018
  • Northern Ireland is the smallest nation in the UK, but the border with the Republic of Ireland could become one of the biggest parts of the Brexit negotiations. So why is the Irish border so important?(Subscribe: more of our explainer series here - more news at our site - Follow us:Facebook - -


  • Gran Torino
    Gran Torino  6 months ago +21

    Great video!
    I'd just like to point something out, concerning your map, however: The Isle of Man 🇮🇲 is not now, nor has ever been, part of the European Union. 🇪🇺

  • roy kinson
    roy kinson  19 hours ago +3

    The people of Ireland (both North and South) aren't stupid. They know the difference between customs checks and military checkpoints.

  • Trish Clarke
    Trish Clarke  3 days ago +3

    Ireland was not part of England it was colonised by England between 1536 and 1691.

  • Sakiya Abdi
    Sakiya Abdi  4 months ago +16

    I've been watching the news for 2years and never understood anything🙄🤔, thanks for simplifying this 😆👍🏽

  • Valduggery is real and The government knows it

    Northern Ireland is not London.
    Northern Ireland is not Dublin.
    There is a legal document stating this that no one seems to know about. If you're curious I believe -BELIEVE - it has something to do with the Good Friday Agreement.

  • Teliso Lary
    Teliso Lary  yesterday

    Talk about protest🇭🇰 in Hongkong, Concentration Camp in China , and Tibet

  • James Upton
    James Upton  14 days ago +7

    Hardly any Brexit Voter in the UK even considered this 300 mile land border a problem. It was obvious from the get-go.

  • Brendan Niall Guildea
    Brendan Niall Guildea  6 months ago +4

    Thank you!!! I never understood what the backstop was until now. Bit of a Catch-22 on a number of fronts for poor Teresa! Bless!

  • Chun pir
    Chun pir  2 days ago +1

    kashmir want freedom from Hitler'

  • paul hutchins
    paul hutchins  7 days ago +8

    The border was put there in 1921 bye britain....The Irish border is in the middle of the Irish sea...

  • bob niblitt
    bob niblitt  6 months ago +4

    Thanks, the background music really helped me listen to the words.

  • fauldsb
    fauldsb  6 months ago +183

    You need to go back a lot more than 100 years...

  • James Bibby
    James Bibby  6 months ago +3

    So Switzerland and former yugo is part of the Mediterranean now?

  • s H
    s H  5 months ago +6

    I did like it . it was clear and very straight forward. thank you.

  • Anveksha Rai
    Anveksha Rai  1 months ago +4

    Now I finally understood this ,thank you so much

  • James Brogan
    James Brogan  6 days ago +4

    Yeah my family were Catholic Northen Irish and we still want a united ireland

  • mitzvos Golem
    mitzvos Golem  6 months ago +3

    Treaty of Windsor 1063ce The Pope told Norman king of England to make Ireland a vassal and slave out of Ireland for the Catholic Church. Verify

  • JHatLpool
    JHatLpool  7 months ago +18

    There is one minor error in this film. In the shading of the map, the Isle of Man is shown to be within the EU. Of course, it is not. So, for example, capital punishment is still permissible in the Isle of Man (e. g. hanging) if found guilty of an act which would is deemed a crime by a Manx court. Capital punishment is not allowed within a member state within in the EU.
    The fact that the IOM allows far more flexible banking regulations also means that it is unlikely that the IOM would become an EU member state for the foreseeable future.
    I just thought that I would point that out to you all.

  • Dave Bowen
    Dave Bowen  5 months ago

    Thank you so much that was for me the first time it’s been explained in laymen’s terms 🇬🇧

  • Thomas TheWankEngine1

    "Symbols of any ....... rule". Are RULERS not the problem?