Why Games like Call of Duty Are Bad For You, But Games Like RuneScape Are GOOD For you!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 27, 2019
  • Is Call of Duty to blame for my breakup? Should RuneScape be taught in schools? Is Black Ops 4 doing enough to prepare us for the apocalypse? The answers to these important questions and more in my latest video.



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  • BDobbinsFTW
    BDobbinsFTW  11 months ago +1649

    FTWQ: What’s a game you feel helped you grow as a person? How/why?
    Also list the things that went down last few months while I was away that you think I should go back and cover….dont worry I have plenty to say about Destiny smdh

  • Vinny Pagliaccio
    Vinny Pagliaccio  7 days ago

    I would always listen to video essays while playing BO3 with the volume at half, grinded out Dark Matter camo, never really got into a COD game again.

  • nogboy6868
    nogboy6868  14 days ago

    49:06 Holy shit he KNEW!!

    GĖT TRIGGERED  14 days ago

    Comeback please!

  • LeBron James
    LeBron James  14 days ago

    Ark PvP showed me more about how life wasn’t fair than anything 😂

  • LeBron James
    LeBron James  14 days ago

    Now that I think all about it. All the “bad” Cod games just took more skill than the average Cod.

  • Julius Tillery
    Julius Tillery  21 days ago

    I like blackout too

  • Cazzomoto
    Cazzomoto  28 days ago

    0:28 "You see my life was pretty good at 18, I was living every 8th grader's fantasy"

    sorry what?

  • Felipe Mantovanelli

    You should write a book about those runescape histories

  • bakilla
    bakilla  28 days ago

    You need dr phill

  • BrainZapz
    BrainZapz  1 months ago

    must of watched this video more then 100 times, best content on the internet hands down

  • Dax Wolf
    Dax Wolf  1 months ago

    23:00 for the part i always revisit

  • Mint Berry Crunch
    Mint Berry Crunch  1 months ago

    Did this guy just say he was 18 in 8th grade? What country is that possible in? Here in the U.S. people are usually about 13 yrs old when they're in 8th grade.

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer  1 months ago

    Runescape is Lord of the Flies on steroids

  • XploitScorpex
    XploitScorpex  1 months ago

    Its cause ur a bot

  • Anaru Hawira
    Anaru Hawira  1 months ago +1

    Don't be a Dick. Be a Gary

  • GNMbg
    GNMbg  1 months ago

    how the fuck are we supposed to buy houses and cars... the world is a mess and its not our generations fault. We try to make money and live our lives like every generation before us. Older generations did the same thing. They were more 'grown up' than us. I dont know who comes up with this nonsense. Only in USA you blame the current generation, in Europe we accept the situation as it is and we dont point fingers at each other. My parents help me and I help them with money - together we are strong, we are family.

  • Ian Anderson
    Ian Anderson  1 months ago

    This man is just plagiarizing multiple Wikipedia articles

  • ChillLetsPlays
    ChillLetsPlays  1 months ago

    Runecocks is a fags game

  • Jonas Walker
    Jonas Walker  1 months ago

    I couldn't put my phone down when I was listening to the RuneScape story