Copart Walk Around and Carnage + Tesla Model 3

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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  • Typ3Four Zer0  3 months ago

    These videos are like drugs,i can't stop watching them.Good work man.

  • Robert Allen  2 months ago


  • emjay llido  2 months ago

    Same hahaha

  • Ben Tucker  3 months ago

    If the Crz goes cheap enough you should get it. Nobody on YouTube has a full build on one (that I know of) and it would make great content

  • Martin J  2 months ago

    I had a 2011 CRZ just like the one here. Thought it was mine, but mine had 163,000 miles on it and was in much better shape. Not the fastest car, but fun to drive. I now have a 2019 Honda Insight. Better mileage than the CRZ, plus a lot more safety features.

  • Gilles Thibault  3 months ago

    Not a Subaru K20! A HONDA K20! (Conversion parts are already available for that application)

  • Mohit Surtani  3 months ago

    I better grab popcorn for this one geez 51:00 minutes

  • Doug Mammaro  3 months ago


  • Lamborghini !!  3 months ago

    That’s not why the Tesla got totaled. It’s because Tesla does not let anyone purchase parts from them. There is no way you can order any parts other than miscellaneous trim tabs.

  • AICS USA  2 months ago

    @Tedybear315 LOL! He is no flipper if he bought something like that, he is an idiot. This is what people who have been doing business have to deal with now days. Either dishonest people, who do not disclose anything and rip us off, or morons who have little to no experience over bidding on things and lose their butts and the money they lose usually belongs to someone else that they con to think they are professional flippers and know what they are doing when they probably have little to no experience. ...

  • Tedybear315  2 months ago

    Can't remember which 'flipper' got hold of a Tesla pretty reasonable. He found out why later..... All the batteries where 'stolen' before he took possession of the car. Kinda was able to tell cause the car was 'riding a bit higher' then it should have.

  • Krustys World  3 months ago

    You didnt notice wheels are facing different directions on the tesla,did you?

  • Krustys World  3 months ago

    P Ingwer by that muddy stuff on the tire looks like maybe it went off roading lol

  • P Ingwer  3 months ago

    Probably got squeezed between 2 cars

  • Jordan 23421  3 months ago

    That Lexus RX, I would just put a bumper over the damage, fix the hatch, and drive it around!

  • Spanos  3 months ago

    The CRZ was a sporty car if you were coming from a 90's Buick Skylark.

  • Gilles Thibault  3 months ago

    It's a decent city car.

  • Fuck Elon Musk  3 months ago


  • J Gott  3 months ago

    I would totally buy the CRZ and the Sunfire. Also, you should buy more Mazda 3’s with the 2.0 liter and the 5 speed manual transmission. They drive forever!!

  • gosportjamie  3 months ago

    The big worry with the big Merc 500SEL is the roof. It could just have had something fall on it and leave a dent, but these cars do have a serious, car-killing issue with the sunroof in that they leak, the sunroof cassette can fill up with water and rot the roof skin and structure away from the inside out. It also rots out the structure of the rear parcel shelf where it joins the rear suspension upper mounts and wheel tubs/inner arches together which takes a lot of strength out of the shell. This on...

  • Patrick Hurtado  3 months ago

    For future note on the newer BMW's. The hood opens with a double pull of the hood release. First one unlatches it, second pull opens.

  • Okay Raif  2 months ago

    Patrick Hurtado because his a shit mechanic that’s why he should working in a dealership selling cars not fixing them

  • The Destroyer 1234  3 months ago

    Oooooooooh thanks that makes sence.