Copart Walk Around and Carnage + Tesla Model 3

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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  • Daniel Chapman
    Daniel Chapman  14 days ago

    Love your vids! More 1980’s cars please!!!

  • LS6-SS
    LS6-SS  14 days ago

    Amazing. I thought I was the only asshole magnet until I read these comments. Seems this poor guy has the same problem

  • T1971 C1971
    T1971 C1971  21 days ago

    The Suzuki XL7.
    A nice little fixer upper for Arthur Tussik.

  • Larry Rorer
    Larry Rorer  21 days ago

    Love your show buddy but your starting to have more ads than network T.V.

  • James Wiggins
    James Wiggins  1 months ago

    That car does not look read Dick less them break padsDoes go with the car

  • James Wiggins
    James Wiggins  1 months ago

    I would buy it that Lexus

  • Chris Pierce
    Chris Pierce  1 months ago

    Don't worry about the air bags they are defective

  • Kef103
    Kef103  1 months ago

    BMW pull 2x to open no hood release up front . Hence the pull twice label on the hood pull

  • Kef103
    Kef103  1 months ago

    Volvo not flood car just was repaired by a typical jackass body shop and leaks like a siv

  • larry63country
    larry63country  1 months ago

    randy your cord was in the pictures you were showing.

  • Tommy Damron
    Tommy Damron  1 months ago

    if it's a Dodge product leave it there😀👍👍😲😵🙃

  • Larry Norem
    Larry Norem  1 months ago

    Nice little car like a nice car

  • shonenlad one
    shonenlad one  1 months ago

    Is that a round on the ground @ 17:07?

    CAMERA PHOBIA  2 months ago

    those totalled cars should go in the crusher terrible reminder of death

  • brian versansky
    brian versansky  2 months ago

    That Honda CRZ looks a lot like the Insight

  • The Big Shebang
    The Big Shebang  3 months ago

    The XL7 is actually based on the 1st gen Equinox.

  • Deeken Surk
    Deeken Surk  3 months ago

    U would definitely buy that Lexus it would be a steal

  • InsaneBimmer
    InsaneBimmer  4 months ago

    Newer BMWs just pull the hood release twice.

  • Maycroft
    Maycroft  4 months ago

    There was a guy on Facebook that sells parts for Tesla's

  • Chris Magarian
    Chris Magarian  5 months ago

    You should definitely get that model 3! I have one it's the best car I ever owned and it's such a fun car!