How Car Dealerships Rip You Off (The Truth)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 2, 2019
  • In this video I explain exactly how car dealerships rip you off. A lot of car dealerships implement the four square method, which is just a simple way to make you think that you're getting a deal.

    Car dealerships are a very sophisticated network of stores that know how to separate you from your money. Not all dealerships rip you off, but the ones that use the four square method do.

    Don't get ripped off on your next car purchase and watch this video until the end.

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  • 408fu
    408fu  30 minutes ago

    I agree with 8/10 of what was said in this video. First off great job bro on the video it will be helpful to alot of people. I work for a dealer in service and have worked for a couple dealers. Lets say 8-10 dealers, their real money makers are in service not sales or add-ons. Yes new cars dealers are paying a lot for and can LEGALLY only "adjust" the price higher a small margin. One thing I will need to disagree on is the price point of a car is actually based on location. Meaning if you live in a smaller town lets say in GA your car price will most likely be cheaper then a new car in LA. A SRT scat pack in Macon is 40,000 and where im at in Cali its 52,000. Of course they will only give you a small amount for your car on a trade. If the car needs tires, brakes or whatever the dealer puts it on the used car before the sale. The dealer then adds that price onto the car. The customer will beat the dealer down on price of that used car so yes they make more on a used car then new BUT that amount gets smaller when more things need to be put into that car. Besides that most salesmen are liers and will tell you anything for a sale. Bro keep up the great work on these videos, promise not trying to bash your work on video bro!

  • enterprise59
    enterprise59  5 hours ago

    Ever wonder, how a month or two down the road with your new/used car, you start getting these warranty offers? 9 out of 10 those are scammers. Know how they get YOUR address, make, model, year car right, and sometimes the VIN number? NOT from the DMV, NOT from the bank or CU.. they get that info from the guy in the back at the dealership! They sell that info to these scammers, and you're harassed for months, sometimes years! Tell people THAT!

  • Trust Thee Jesus
    Trust Thee Jesus  19 hours ago +1

    Thanks Marko... Honestly, learnt this a little too late but guess what, better late than never.

  • Lorenzo Prieto
    Lorenzo Prieto  yesterday +1

    I watched this whole video at 2X the speed. My mind is completely blown...

  • Drew Nelson
    Drew Nelson  yesterday

    You mean car dealerships aren't for profit?

  • OsMaN NaJi
    OsMaN NaJi  yesterday +1

    This video worth millions of dollars thank you very much I was about to trade in my 2015 xse v6 with only 38000 miles on it and they offer me 13G and I refused and they said okay 14G and the car I want was 2016 ES350 was 28,000 dollars so is exactly what you said they rep you off good I walked away from the dealership thanks again for the advice

  • Dave Elkins
    Dave Elkins  yesterday

    How about a "destination fee"?

  • Rosalba hamer
    Rosalba hamer  yesterday

    This angers me ppl r always ripping off the working class.

  • Jimmy Howard Greenway

    Great information !!!

  • tapedeck hero
    tapedeck hero  yesterday

    Marco, what about cash buyers in the new car market? I don't need to finance. Thanks.

  • AFK 1234
    AFK 1234  yesterday +1

    Thank you bro!

  • emmo916
    emmo916  yesterday

    Don’t say you should still trade in your car. You can sell your car 2-3x more in a private party sale compared to trading it in. Not good advice. I think the poor guy hates all dealers now because he probably got the rip off of the year 😂

  • Butters Angry Cat

    We don't do none of these "tricks", I work at a fixed priced dealership, that's the car and that's the price, if there's one cheaper elsewhere then we will price match it as well, standard warranty applies with the cars. With trade inns we show them what there car is worth and even what they sell for (something customers can't see only dealerships), if you are not happy with the trade in price then hey, don't trade it in.

  • Sam
    Sam  yesterday +1


    It will update itself like a phone and you'll get new features and every Tesla made after 2016 is an appreciating asset.

  • Sergo Pedro Khoch
    Sergo Pedro Khoch  2 days ago +1

    advice to all - do not buy a car, do not go to work 90% of your troubles are gone

  • J Sin
    J Sin  2 days ago

    Good video and absolutely true about dealerships. On another note, did anyone hear the fart he let out around 7:10 then said excuse me, lol.

    FARSHY AL-TURAB  2 days ago +1

    Or buy a car on cash no payments Arab style

  • moh alhatimy
    moh alhatimy  2 days ago +1


  • Robert PL9501
    Robert PL9501  2 days ago +2

    The best part is when they advertise for x amounts on a used car and then tack on an additional 1000 in "dealer fees". At that point I'll look on craigslist

  • Dave Clark
    Dave Clark  2 days ago

    Fortunately, I lucked into going to an actual honest dealership. When I asked the salesman if he could come down a little on the price he said, "Brother, I would love to, but Ford won't let us move the price, not even a penny. They want everyone to get the same great deal so they set the price as low as they can when it comes out of the factory. But what I can do is try and get you some upgraded floor mats. How's that sound?" Well, it sounded too good to be true, but Shawn came through on the mats and I drove it home the same day. Had to wait a few hours for them to put a special undercoating on the car that cost me less than 200 bucks! I honestly don't know how that place stays in business.