Tucker: Impeachment witnesses had no evidence, only opinions

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 4, 2019
  • Impeachment circus continues with Judiciary Committee hearings. #Tucker #FoxNews

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  • Oldliver Goodhag
    Oldliver Goodhag  4 hours ago

    Where I came from these professor of law would be called morons..

  • Shawn Sisson
    Shawn Sisson  yesterday

    All these Ethnic groups complain screaming that no one should be favored I'm till they're not picked. The moment your choice is not in their favor you're nothing but a bigot to them. Why we don't call these idiots out in public about their brand of racism is beyond me

  • Mark Restle
    Mark Restle  3 days ago

    Maybe that if Al Green would have been a witness at the impeachment trial we would have a new federal holiday Green Day then we could all bow down to Al Green's wishes and have an impeached Donald Trump..
    Which is never going to happen because Donald Trump is not going to be impeached in Al Green is a pure 100% racist idiot

  • Gylfe Arisen
    Gylfe Arisen  3 days ago

    Do all these clowns stand with the Constitution when it comes to 2A? Lets tally up the cost of this temper tantrum since the investigations of the President started before he even took office. That, and these morons taking a paycheck is the real crime. I would love to not work for four years and get paid handsomely for it, oh and take kickbacks and other nice benefits on top of it

  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams  4 days ago +1

    Now looking back at the DEMARATS zombies exposed worthless curupt backstabbing communist the Constitution is pissed on by this clowns worthless curupt DEMARATS

  • Josh F
    Josh F  4 days ago

    Those assholes referencing our Founders is abhorrent. They don't hold a candle to our Founders. It's offensive for these sheep to even say their names. Shameful and disgusting..... They should just go home and talk amongst themselves, pat each other on the back, then fade into the obscure liberal cesspool in which they came.

  • joseph johnson
    joseph johnson  4 days ago

    please everyone re-elect trump he is needed now more than ever he is the only one that has the balls to stand up to these dumb assholes.

  • D M
    D M  5 days ago

    The cult of woke

  • Gregory Martin
    Gregory Martin  6 days ago

    I am a progressive. And a Bernie supporter. I am hooked on you. I don't know why our two sides can't get together.

  • michael byrnes
    michael byrnes  6 days ago

    The coment "ie question" from the senator leading to the baron trump coment was SOOOOOO scripted

  • Darren Williams
    Darren Williams  7 days ago

    These people just can't except the fact that a reality tv star beat Hilary Clinton and is now the President .

  • zouhir Achlih
    zouhir Achlih  7 days ago

    The last 10 seconds hilarious hhhhh

  • Chief Executive
    Chief Executive  7 days ago

    Called her a moron... so accurate 😂😂😂😂

  • Morpheas
    Morpheas  7 days ago

    Al Green: I have a problem with those so-called experts on this committee.
    Someone: Why?
    Al Green: They are of the wrong skin color.

    Oh, but WE are the racist ones.

  • chuckster houck
    chuckster houck  14 days ago

    Do all liberals suffer from lead poisoning?...They clearly were that Kid that ate paint chips...lol..num num num.

  • Lew Rossi
    Lew Rossi  14 days ago

    No one is above the law. Unless you try to try to sneak into the country

  • John Metzger
    John Metzger  14 days ago

    They've never attacked rich Asians or Arabs only white males

  • kirigaya kazuto xx cbñbkknb. ?

    The Republicans, conservatives, patriots or whatsoever should fight these idiots.

  • Dan Noonan
    Dan Noonan  14 days ago

    His Democrat friends are the crazy type of mad

  • Esma Waldron
    Esma Waldron  14 days ago

    They really want Trump to resign but he is not going to do that