I Bought a Badly Wrecked Nissan GTR From the salvage Yard!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 13, 2019
  • Welcome back to the channel so finally after wanting to buy a gtr for the longest time I found the perfect car!

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  • Deadteam Jako
    Deadteam Jako  3 months ago +161

    I stripped a car out once, then. I looked at it and all the hours of work.....
    Scrapped it

  • andy a
    andy a  yesterday

    Badly wrecked, not really minor body and paint, great car and project...

  • GusPedro
    GusPedro  yesterday

    Yey salvage for GTR from greg ferreira ?????

  • K03sport
    K03sport  2 days ago

    ...are any airbags going back in - driver's side, seat, steering wheel? Or will it just be the Steering wheel and the others coded out? Fine, if you are going to keep it; not cool if you are going to resell it (salvaged).

  • turbo95eclipse
    turbo95eclipse  2 days ago

    I love you guys, straight to the point and no BS!🤘

  • Kevin Erby
    Kevin Erby  4 days ago

    Curious how much for the wrecked gtr and also what it cost to get it all back right?

  • Road Runna Reviews

    Inspires me to start working on a project car. Great video just subscribed.

  • Greyhaired Phantom

    Love your body work, i watch Arthur Tussik who is a total fucking legend! I can see you and he have similar talents! Keep up the good work buddy.
    Just leave the arm waving theatrics to the goonsquad boys!😅😅

  • Hilario Martinez
    Hilario Martinez  5 days ago

    Good job and those deer should have warning lights 😃

  • Arturo Mata
    Arturo Mata  5 days ago

    I’m from Houston what I could of bought that car for me

  • Alec Whitehawk
    Alec Whitehawk  5 days ago

    How much did you get it for?

  • Al Man
    Al Man  5 days ago

    If you could improve your sound quality then your videos would be even greater.
    No offence love the content! 👍

  • Alec Whitehawk
    Alec Whitehawk  5 days ago

    How much did you get it for

  • Clorox bleach. A bottle more useful than you think

    Amount of work being put out is insane. Good job on each one too.

  • ralph nyamunda
    ralph nyamunda  6 days ago

    What a disappointment, I expected more especially at the beginning of the video.

  • nathan squareland

    Fuck buying a car of you 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tj Semeniuk
    Tj Semeniuk  7 days ago

    Is it a better deal to buy a wrecked one and fix it rather than buy a new one?

  • Tj Semeniuk
    Tj Semeniuk  7 days ago

    Shes beautiful.

  • boltonky
    boltonky  7 days ago

    What scares me is how many people in the US modify/repair cars without getting them re-certified/road worthy or sell them to others....Knowledge only gets you so far.
    You seem pretty on-to it so hope it all gets done the right way :)
    In NZ all cars have to be certified for road use if modified (even coil overs) and Year MOT checks...doesn't stop crap quality parts /tyres brakes being used so its like a WIN / Loose

  • Cham Cheyenne
    Cham Cheyenne  7 days ago