You Already Saw The Lion King - Movie Podcast

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 20, 2019
  • Go to for 15% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon.This week gang DIDN'T see the new "live action" Lion King movie, but that won't stop them from dumping all over it. Plus, their picks for lion-based movies you SHOULD see, and a recap of the week's most insane movie trailers.Follow us on Twitter: n stuff:


  • o k
    o k  1 months ago +602

    This is the first movie podcast I can watch without having seen the movie they're talking about first because.. well... I actually did already see this movie. Like a long time ago.

  • WickedLady2010
    WickedLady2010  1 months ago +288

    I hate that they took out a scene between Simba and Rafiki. You know the one that teaches him not to run from his past and learn from it.

  • John Supnet
    John Supnet  1 months ago +322

    I saw it last night and here are my take aways:
    the animation is really really impressive
    baby animals are cute as hell
    their rendition of ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight” is also cute as hell
    it is a soulless empty husk of its former self

  • Jacob Tucker
    Jacob Tucker  1 months ago +217

    I know this is going to sound really weird but I couldn't help but think "Where are the lion's testicles" the whole movie.

  • eliminator173
    eliminator173  1 months ago +156

    Aslan from chronicles of narnia had better facial expressions and that movie is 15 years old

  • Troy Fletcher
    Troy Fletcher  1 months ago +73

    Remake Songs of the South disney you wont. cowards

  • Devon Palmer
    Devon Palmer  1 months ago +195

    Was there the nazi march scene? That’s all I need to know

  • FuryNotFurry
    FuryNotFurry  1 months ago +16

    They sang "can you feel the love tonight" the DAYTIME

  • Reed Hofer
    Reed Hofer  1 months ago +76

    At least we'll get Once Upon a Time in Hollywood next week

    MATTHIASWINS  1 months ago +95

    Wait a minute: those hack frauds at Redletter Media listened to this podcast and rushed to make a video about Roar.

  • Ninja Pups
    Ninja Pups  1 months ago +43

    I love the trailer show bits, wouldn't mind if you had them at the end of every Filmhaus as sort of a "what's coming next" segment.

  • Gabriel Guerra
    Gabriel Guerra  1 months ago +74

    Ryan on Filmhaus! Using those Show Me the Meaning chops!

  • sasquatch ka
    sasquatch ka  1 months ago +35

    Redlettermedia and funhaus posted videos featuring Roar in the same day, now I am an expert

  • Ashley Luland
    Ashley Luland  1 months ago +8

    "Can You Feel The Love Tonight", Beyoncé kinda ruined that song for me. Flourishes and runs that weren't needed and kinda ruined the true harmony the original version had. Young Nala out sung Young Simba.

  • Grognack
    Grognack  1 months ago +9

    (I wouldn’t usually be so mad, but I live there so I’m a tad offended)

  • Christian Bedard
    Christian Bedard  1 months ago +23

    I just want to point out that the lions from Ghost in the Dark actually killed like 40+ people that were working on the railroads at the time. And the cave where they stayed was described as being littered with bones. So I mean it was more than just one guy.

  • NootNoot!
    NootNoot!  1 months ago +36

    Yea, I already saw Kimba the White Lion

  • unsteddie music
    unsteddie music  1 months ago +44

    You mean Kimba
    the real lion King

  • Snoopy Fod
    Snoopy Fod  1 months ago +30

    great cast for this episode. I enjoy seeing Ryan with the OG cast.

  • Jacob Tucker
    Jacob Tucker  1 months ago +21

    @adamkovic Those lions(a pair) from Ghosts in the Darkness actually killed 28 Indian laborers and an unspecified number of native Africans.