Undercover Millionaire Starts Again from Scratch | FINANCIAL FREEDOM CHALLENGE

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 26, 2018
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  • Ted Tates
    Ted Tates  7 months ago +2423

    I've learnt more about property in this video then I have my in whole life and my father is suppose to be a property developer.. thank god for youtube

  • David Sundt
    David Sundt  7 months ago +2657

    when your main account gets vacbanned

  • WiNEEk
    WiNEEk  6 months ago +981

    That's what a global smurfing in silver looks like

  • Jason B
    Jason B  7 months ago +833

    Teach someone random off the streets with the same basics to close a deal like that from scratch and I’ll be very impressed.

  • Raul Tamez
    Raul Tamez  4 months ago +320

    When you’re a prestige master and you resets your stats

  • Body Language Drama
    Body Language Drama  4 months ago +169

    whats really impressive is how he acts when the car dies. he doesnt even flinch and goes back to taking the next best step.

  • cool kid1
    cool kid1  4 months ago +314

    ''starting from scratch''
    pulls out macbook

  • FJKiller514
    FJKiller514  6 months ago +349

    You were able to do this because youre an expert in this field. You didnt have nothing, you had a wealth of knowledge.

  • jonny briskin
    jonny briskin  7 months ago +136

    the first time you met the woman agent showing you round you weren't in disguise but the second time you had a wig and glass surely she was like wtf???

  • MrDako420
    MrDako420  7 months ago +48

    20:30 you’re driving in your 2018 Range Rover.... I like the idea you’re trying to push but it’s clearly fake. Next time you do this, maybe use an ear piece and guide a complete stranger.

  • CryTec
    CryTec  7 months ago +1183

    When your so rich you just start a new character like gta5

  • Klose
    Klose  6 months ago +65

    Where do i download this game?

  • The Meaning
    The Meaning  4 months ago +57

    That 50 quid went far and your car that needed a new wheel suddenly transitioned into a range rover evoque. You had no forms of I'd, I love your passion but if you lied to the agents the chances are you're lying to all of us. Moral of the story, dont believe anything on the internet

  • Buns Crapters
    Buns Crapters  7 months ago +54

    Level 100 boss to level 1 crook

  • Kim Kim
    Kim Kim  3 months ago +20

    As fun and non-serious that this video is meant to be, I absolutely love how it definitively shows that 'knowledge is the most valuable asset a person can have' and that having experience through self-learning or university education can help you even when you start from zero money. Props to you man, this may not have been your intention but you will inspire so many to stick with learning in whatever form it may be.

  • BruhMode
    BruhMode  4 months ago +53

    Can you make a more detailed video on how you did this ever step like networking, finding, funding and selling?

  • Oxdox
    Oxdox  4 months ago +13

    Bro, It's been 19 years that I'm ''poor''
    In 7 days this man got financial free

  • supercomputer2004

    That moment when you take off all your Dimond armour and leave your huge minecarft base and go start fresh somewhere else in the world.

  • Fjäll
    Fjäll  7 months ago +25

    When you log into your smurf account

  • Donari
    Donari  6 months ago +5

    This channel is basically just to boost his ego