The Untold Truth Of Gypsy Rose Blanchard

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 25, 2019
  • After suffering years of abuse due to her mother's Munchausen by proxy syndrome, Gypsy Rose Blanchard aided in the slaying of her psychological captor. She was sentenced to prison for 10 years, but she claims that she now feels freer than she ever did under her mother's roof. This is her story.Gypsy Rose Blanchard didn't know her own age. She just knew that she was deathly ill. She also knew that she needed to get out. Her mother Dee Dee Blanchard suffered from Munchausen by proxy syndrome, a mental disorder in which caretakers exaggerate, fabricate, or in some cases even cause illness in another person, in order to get attention for themselves. It's often considered a form of child abuse, and Gypsy was confined to a wheelchair and hospital rooms for much of her life, even though she wasn't actually sick.Gypsy and her then-boyfriend Nicholas Godejohn conspired to slay Dee Dee, who was found stabbed to death in her Springfield, Missouri home in June 2015. Godejohn and Gypsy were arrested and charged. This case has gone on to receive plenty of media coverage, particularly in the HBO documentary Mommy Dead And Dearest and the Hulu TV series The Act.Watch the video for The Untold Truth Of Gypsy Rose Blanchard.#GypsyRose #GypsyRoseBlanchard Trapped in her own home | 0:15A desperate escape | 1:02The health benefits of prison | 1:37A controlling ex | 2:26Doctor suspicions | 2:55Improving relationship with dad | 3:45A shorter prison sentence? | 4:22


  • Nicki Swift  a months ago

    Where do you stand on the Gypsy Rose case? Free her? Or she did the crime, so she has to do the time?

  • nasus png10  5 days ago

    I say free her. She's lived in prison all her life. Plus, tortured! How many surgeries has everyone had? I've had a few and they are no joke. Plus all the medicine she took could affect her health later in life. Our justice system failed her quite miserably. It doesn't make sense. She should have never gone to prison in the first place. It should have been "time served" while under the "care" of her monster mother. I'm not condoning murder however, that child was abused her entire ...

  • Gilgamesch KvU  5 days ago

    Free Gybsy From Germany

  • maeflower522  1 months ago

    She should've been under care in a mental health institution, NOT PRISON. Her mother was a monster, and took her life away from the abuse

  • rose fever  14 hours ago

    maeflower522 ik:(

  • Justyn Brodsky  7 days ago

    ls7orBust2 True...🤫🤭

  • Arianas Videos  1 months ago

    this poor girl doesn’t deserve prison, she’s a survivor

  • rose fever  14 hours ago

    Arianas Videos truu:/

  • Justyn Brodsky  8 days ago

    Jess Plotting a premeditated murder will never legally fall under self defense. She had plenty of other options.

  • D c  1 months ago

    This is a rare case that I felt it was an appropriate response to her mothers abuse. ..the Dr.s involved should be sued by this poor girl as well.

  • S S  3 days ago

    @Claire Morton the doctors signed off on leukemia. Hello? That's ridiculous. Take their licenses and never let them"practice" again

  • S S  3 days ago

    Complete malpractice

  • Arianas Videos  1 months ago

    there’s something really strange about all this because how would the doctors not know?

  • Julia weber  5 days ago

    I agree she’s 23 now come on it’s weird right

  • Justyn Brodsky  8 days ago

    Efua Holdbrook-Smith Yes, when it all began she wasn’t scamming. But when she got to the age of reason, she knew what was going on. Point is, murder wasn’t her “only option”. And keep in mind, a majority of what we hear is coming from Gypsy herself, and we all know how credible she is 🙄

  • Darque Queen  1 months ago

    She was failed by so many at every turn. More could have been done to help her.

  • rose fever  14 hours ago

    Darque Queen tru😢

  • Justyn Brodsky  5 days ago

    Kenji is a SMOL boi That’s according to Gypsy’s word. And we know how honest she’s been...pfff. I guarantee if she called the police, stood up out of the wheelchair and ran circles around it, she would’ve been believed! She also could’ve alerted her father, she had a phone and Internet in front of her every day.

  • Taurus  27 days ago

    Crazy... she feels freer in prison than being with her mother. Poor girl hope she will get out of there.

  • Cindy C  5 days ago

    @Kenji is a SMOL boi Oh, ok

  • I believe she will can go on parol in 2024

  • Sarah Kirchner  1 months ago

    I really hope she gets help after prison. It will be pretty hard to adjust to normal life and somebody should help her that she doesn't get into the next abusive relationship as soon as she gets out.

  • Paige Bradley  29 days ago

    She has her dad and a step mom who seem more then willimg to help her in anyway they can. She's probably already seeing a psychiatrist and/or a social worker. She's said in other interviews that she's getting her GED and wants to go to college.

  • Katherine Pearson  26 days ago

    God bless her. She became a gorgeous woman

  • PROD. KAGE  17 days ago

    Katherine Pearson cap

  • the geeky witch  5 days ago

    Honestly I think gypsy should be free because she felt she had no way out of her abusive mother

  • I don't think she a dangerous person. She did what she had to do.