Signs That Someone Likes You - Real Talk Episode 28

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 5, 2019
  • How can you tell if someone likes you?The cast discusses some signs that a person shows if he or she has a thang for you.Subscribe for more content like this: Catch more Real Talk episodes here: = Follow us on our socials =Facebook: Instagram: Website: = Real Talk Crew =John - - - - = Behind the Cam =Director & Producer - Andrew LeeEditor - Raymond DeoferioCameras - Raymond Deoferio, Anmol Vaswani, Andrew LeeLooking to collaborate or sponsor a video? Email us:


  • CookieCrumble
    CookieCrumble  14 days ago +1448

    We all know the real reason why Dew was wearing sunglasses

  • Lord Shelby
    Lord Shelby  14 days ago +1404

    When saffron said
    "pretend like im a girl"
    I had so many questions

  • Kim Lopo
    Kim Lopo  14 days ago +1067

    "she looks so hot but shes not making sense" dgjhgdsf

  • taeehyvungg :D
    taeehyvungg :D  14 days ago +497

    "I gave this other girl a bj" got me tripping right there

  • itG Ma
    itG Ma  14 days ago +463

    "You saw his kkj" "You saw his Chichi" 😂 I'M DEAD HAHAHA

  • KL Cassidy
    KL Cassidy  14 days ago +366

    Girl: How do I tell a guy that I like him?
    Guy: Just tell him you like him.
    Girl: I like you.
    Guy: Yeah like that.
    Girl: I LIKE YOU.
    Guy: Yes, tell him that. Why are you shouting omg.

  • Liyana Kamal
    Liyana Kamal  14 days ago +395

    “you got nobody else to call ah?” lmaooo 💀

  • Rockylol
    Rockylol  14 days ago +290

    This just made me realise something.
    Nobody has liked me before

  • kang dongho's boyfriend
    kang dongho's boyfriend  14 days ago +224

    can there please be an episode where we send in our concerns/stories/questions regarding relationships etc. and the cast can answer them? :o

  • Ary
    Ary  14 days ago +328

    im early for a real talk video, but never early for school

  • Norman Wong
    Norman Wong  14 days ago +24

    I've been waiting for so long for the new video. Guys can you please upload video more frequently. Much love from jakarta

  • wjdtncn
    wjdtncn  yesterday

    Please talk about moving on! Like how long does it take for you guys to move on and how long it took you guys to enter the next relationship?

  • shi ying
    shi ying  14 days ago +48

    from the looks of it, that guy Jade mentioned was probably just fed up w chasing her

  • Faggo Lee
    Faggo Lee  14 days ago +114

    Dew with that sunglasses is like the guy that stand back and judge you HAHA

  • Aizuddin Sa'iman
    Aizuddin Sa'iman  2 hours ago

    saff, i just realise u look like ann bridgewater in her younger years

  • Umesh1041 Studios
    Umesh1041 Studios  14 days ago +71

    When Saf said "Pretend like im a girl", that maths equation meme was running through my mind XD....And Jade's self esteem got destroyed when she realized she was friend-zoned XD

  • thiwagar mageswaran
    thiwagar mageswaran  14 days ago +90

    Never knew pretty girls like saffron and jade can get friendzoned. Love the dress saff.

  • raina Hadi
    raina Hadi  14 days ago +94

    Show kkj , show chichi
    New vocab eh John 😂

  • myson apologize&appreciation Ng

    Long time no see to this chanel,Jade still gorgeous and nature behavior as ever, that's makes us keep the passion goes on.

  • HyuugaC0bicat
    HyuugaC0bicat  23 hours ago

    One time i went to dinner with a guy but he started to try and hold my hand so i started to siam him so hard that i put three bags in between us