Kenya's high court unanimously upholds ban on same-sex relations

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 24, 2019
  • Kenya's High Court upheld the country's ban on same-sex relations, saying there was not enough evidence of discrimination against the LGBTQ community.

    Anyone found engaging in same-sex relationships can face up to 14 years in prison.

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  • Alejdrina Martinez

    Thank you kanya for trying to stop this😃😃😃😊😊😊

  • Bobo Shanty
    Bobo Shanty  1 months ago +1

    Stop bring more sin to Kenya its being stupid your created to produce no more gaysim no more lesbianism no more bisexuality no more Transgender stop bringing God to this foolish humans nkt ....

  • Andrew Omiloli
    Andrew Omiloli  3 months ago +1

    Very bad ruling. Kenya needs to learn from Botswana.

  • Annie and Elsie of Arendelle

    What right does the government have to control people's sexual relations?

  • Yung Toaster Strudel
    Yung Toaster Strudel  3 months ago +1

    God wouldn’t want you to ban what people are. I’m not gay, but God would disapprove of not allowing people to be gay. We should in fact allow everybody to do what their sexuality is.

  • Suz Last
    Suz Last  3 months ago +2

    We are the people of the BOOK which many have no clue about it so this lifestyle is not for the Son's of Jacob, but satan is trying his best to make sure all are bend under his thinking, but in Africa were many are called by His name it will not work Most High Yah FORBID.

  • Da Mao
    Da Mao  3 months ago +12

    Kudos, from Taiwan.  Unfortunately, our country has fallen : (

  • Mwa K
    Mwa K  3 months ago +17

    Praise be to GOD..

  • egmoney1
    egmoney1  3 months ago

    look how few people it is. smh cultural marxism

  • Rose Irungo
    Rose Irungo  3 months ago +10

    Kenya is a Godly country, ,,,wakafirane na uko hatutaki uchafu wao

    KAWAHI LEONARD  3 months ago +9

    Yes good for you! Do what's natural don't let these people do these disgusting acts and ruin the next generations. Thank God!

  • ChannelZero
    ChannelZero  3 months ago +9

    Straight Black Pride!!! and Pan African Power!!!

  • Anwar Abdullahi Amin
    Anwar Abdullahi Amin  3 months ago +11

    I’m surprised that we have gay in Africa 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • CanadianImperialist
    CanadianImperialist  3 months ago +8

    Their law and their country

  • Gitonga Kimotho
    Gitonga Kimotho  3 months ago +17

    Thats whats'up!!..nice one Kenya

  • Always 108
    Always 108  3 months ago +2

    What if "GOD'" created adam and eve, why adam and adam can't love each other or eve and eve can't love each other? Didnt 'say Jesus to love? They want to love a same sex person. it's their live, we all are gonna die, let them love whoever they want. It's simple.

  • TheRandomView
    TheRandomView  3 months ago

    Wildly sad ruling for humanity. Shameful that some people's imaginary friend can dictate the lives of real good people.

  • asmarina pitto
    asmarina pitto  3 months ago +15

    gay are not born that way, they are born normal so it’s by choice not by genetics 🧬, they should be punished by law enforcement
    Kenya should follow bible framework not western culture which want to convert us into their world 🌍

  • asmarina pitto
    asmarina pitto  3 months ago +27

    Kenyans shouldn’t copy what westerners do, I decline gay relationships
    It not human right to be gay, constitution is not gay world 🌍
    We are not westerners, we are Africans and we make decisions

  • Holy Poverty
    Holy Poverty  3 months ago +6

    Sweet! Well done Kenya.