The opioid crisis is making grandparents become parents again

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 27, 2017
  • Grandparents are struggling to raise grandchildren on their own.




    The opioid crisis is driving up the population of "kinship caregivers" in record numbers. As overdose totals rise, grandparents and other relative caregivers are stepping in to raise the children of addicted parents. Unlike foster care, "kinship care" has unique requirements that are often not recognized in a child welfare system that was designed to support non-relative foster parents. As grandparents struggle to raise children on their own, they often don't realize that there are support options available until they are told by a kinship navigator or other social service coordinator. Kinship navigators fill the void created by the lack of a dedicated social services organization for kinship families. As navigators, they help inform and connect kinship caregivers to the patchwork of various programs, grants, and other services (legal, financial, health) that they are eligible to receive. Often, however, grandparents are unaware of their existence and seek other ways to support themselves -- sometimes by attending therapy groups with other relative caregivers that are raising children of the opioid epidemic. In New York State, a Relative As Parents Program support group gathers once a month to swap stories and share advice.


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  • Siramad Backwards
    Siramad Backwards  21 days ago

    It is the sadly unfortunate that we live under these circumstances; but I personally do not feel bad for white Americans. At all! If anything they deserve it for doing the same things to African-Americans when we were on drugs deemed as criminals and looked at as some people did not deserve help. This system is completely rigged against us and this is a direct response to that obviously. Good luck 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • William Mulligan
    William Mulligan  a months ago +1

    I'm a child of two addicts and I've had to live with my grandparents since I was 4 and its is an epidemic and has to be stopped

  • S H
    S H  a months ago

    Womp womp

  • chris mit
    chris mit  a months ago

    🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 welcome to the reality of black people across America. This isn’t even remotely interesting.

  • Heather Donigan
    Heather Donigan  a months ago

    When are pharmaceutical companies going to be held accountable? When is the government going to finally treat addiction as the disease it is and provide the help and support that they need? When will the government start truly serving humanity, instead of making it a forgotten platform or making excuses?

  • Derrick Langford
    Derrick Langford  a months ago

    Oh I guess it just didn't register to anyone that this was happening in black communities in the 80's and 90's 🤔

  • Ayla Smiles
    Ayla Smiles  a months ago

    But I've never been to Disney

  • random nctzen
    random nctzen  a months ago


  • Pabst man
    Pabst man  a months ago

    I thought at first the grandparents were on drugs from the title

  • Mr. Yeetle
    Mr. Yeetle  a months ago

    I live on a Native American reservation and has lived here since I was 6 years old, this is so common I didn’t even know it was an issue until I was older

  • beneath mydreams
    beneath mydreams  a months ago +1

    Addicts shouldn’t have children until clean. Period. You can delay having children until the moment is right. Sterilize yourself if needed.

  • Jana Rois Peñaflor
    Jana Rois Peñaflor  a months ago

    In my opinion, this is common in the Philippines.

  • AhmalD
    AhmalD  a months ago

    Anybody else watch that new Dave Chappelle? Yeah, me neither.

  • So Cal
    So Cal  a months ago

    We've had a drug epidemic for years but all of a sudden it's about white people and now it's something we should be concerned about. Bish pls 😝

  • Leia Jiang
    Leia Jiang  a months ago +1

    Dont have kids when you know you cant care for them.

  • nina. kramer
    nina. kramer  a months ago

    omg rockland!!!!!

  • Bad Meme
    Bad Meme  2 months ago

    Welcome to America, where nobody learns from their mistakes.

  • Ace Heru
    Ace Heru  2 months ago

    Kinship care now that's a new one 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Theo8176
    Theo8176  2 months ago

    The word kinship comes from Aboriginal people. What kinship means is you calling a stranger and treating stranger like your family.

  • Patrick Mittel
    Patrick Mittel  2 months ago

    Where is my dad