Peaceful, Creative Focus Music: for Reading, study, artistic work, gentle soothing music

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 3, 2014
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  • anessa brown
    anessa brown  7 days ago

    War is your music my phone is all the way up and I still can't hear

  • Saurabh Mahajan
    Saurabh Mahajan  6 months ago

    Is this royalty free? Can I use it for a video

  • Katelyn Sinkovec
    Katelyn Sinkovec  6 months ago

    This music and the sounds of the birds from my back yard are amaazziinngg

  • Dan Gardi
    Dan Gardi  6 months ago

    When I listen at the first play it reminded my brother when been killed in Iraq by terrorists I dropped some tears.

  • Yasir Alhagari
    Yasir Alhagari  7 months ago

    Now this video is true because it made me study everything

  • Clarissa El-Debs
    Clarissa El-Debs  7 months ago

    very peaceful

  • Chloe Ginter
    Chloe Ginter  7 months ago

    I’m doing a project for school and I messed up multiple times when I only have one piece of paper but every time I made a mistake while I was listening to this music I would fix it immediately. And now my paper looks perfect I just want to thank you!❤️

    JERRICK JOHNSON  7 months ago

    Thanks a lot this helps me an lot

  • Lyba Zafar
    Lyba Zafar  7 months ago

    It helps alot
    Especially when u have ur exam tmrw
    it helps to heal the exam stress,anxiety and tension
    Who else agrees?

  • OpalAngles*
    OpalAngles*  7 months ago +1

    This sounds amazing!

  • εxραsтεllιηε cσurtєn

    This was awesome!! I just turned it on and noticed an immediate difference in my artistic behavior, and my work came out better than expected!!😊😊

  • lolgachalover 123
    lolgachalover 123  8 months ago +1

    This is the best instrumentle I have heard can it be my background music for a song I am writing it's so pretty

  • Orchestra Music Channel
    Orchestra Music Channel  8 months ago +1

    Thank you very much for this peaceful and relaxing music! This has helped me read faster, which is greatly needed right now! (I read 0.35 pages per minute with distractions and no music, and 0.375 pages a minute with noise and music!) I will be using this to attempt to let my stress, anxiety, and feelings out, as I’ve held it all in for over 4 years now, with no relief to my pain! Thank you for all of this work you put into these videos!

  • Swarochish
    Swarochish  8 months ago

    it is very soothing :) :)

  • Clover Stedman
    Clover Stedman  8 months ago +2

    Wow my brain just exploded this was so nice and beautiful music

  • Billie Eilish Lyrics
    Billie Eilish Lyrics  9 months ago +1

    wow this was soooo peaceful
    great job! >3

  • Deborah Bonney
    Deborah Bonney  9 months ago

    Love is the only solution for healing self and the world 🌎🕊🙏🏻💜🦋🌻💎

  • Deborah Bonney
    Deborah Bonney  9 months ago +1

    As usual, my love... blissful serene music. You’re a healer x o 💜🕊🙏🏻🌈

  • Darren Abuduwaili
    Darren Abuduwaili  9 months ago +1

    Keep calm and do your work 😇😇