Final Drive: Lamar Jackson Mania Is in Full Force | Baltimore Ravens

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 26, 2019
  • Lamar Jackson delivered another stellar performance in a 45-6 victory over the Los Angeles Rams on Monday Night Football, and everyone is in awe of what he's doing.

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  • WashedOutEnt
    WashedOutEnt  1 months ago

    “Do your thing keep balling” things you don’t usually hear? 🤣 😂

    FAMOUS JAY  1 months ago +1

    The 6 dislikes were rams fans lol.

  • Skyler James
    Skyler James  1 months ago +2

    100 likes for lamar Jackson super bowl MVP AND season MVP

  • Kamal Porter
    Kamal Porter  1 months ago


  • Liu Kang Kixx
    Liu Kang Kixx  1 months ago

    I love this kid!! I love this team!! On god!! 🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜💯🦾🦿

  • Derek Frank
    Derek Frank  1 months ago


  • Short Bus Pull Up
    Short Bus Pull Up  1 months ago +1

    Lamar got mvp!!! Hit like button!!! Now everybody Lamar nation but told him he’s a running back lol

  • lIIlLumberJackIllI
    lIIlLumberJackIllI  1 months ago +1

    "The ravens have Alreaddy gotten started preparing for that game"
    I love this

  • Lunah24 Steven
    Lunah24 Steven  1 months ago

    Big Truss Woo woo Lamar Jackson and the flash MVP for sure # New Era 8 Lamar Mania! Let's go Baltimore!

  • get real
    get real  1 months ago +2

    He had something to prove if you never seen him at the draft talking to Dion Sanders he was mad he was picked the 5th quarterback.and he said we gonna get a Superbowl. Out of him .shit I been drinking the purple since Ted was the coach. Love my Ravens .by by Marty morning wig and flacco .its a new era now.

  • vondior
    vondior  1 months ago

    Willy snead was a great pick up sign from the Browns. ER core does not have to know just as long they're catching the pigskin

  • Brian Evans
    Brian Evans  1 months ago +1

    What type of Offense is this?......West Coast...No..../East Coast’s BAL-LAMAR...!1

  • Lion Thomas
    Lion Thomas  1 months ago

    I got big Trussss in my QB

  • Edward Leas
    Edward Leas  1 months ago +1

    I'm the only one with onwuasor fever

  • Ron Edward
    Ron Edward  1 months ago

    Is it the 49ers or the Bills that complete the toughest part of the Ravens schedule?

  • Carver Bradley
    Carver Bradley  1 months ago +1

    all in favor for making sure lamar does NOT get on the madden cover?

  • Greatness !!!!!
    Greatness !!!!!  1 months ago

    Please beat those 49ers🌚☻😎🤠

  • A Fucking Bird
    A Fucking Bird  1 months ago

    Where did all of these subscribers come from? That sub count shot up!

  • A Collins
    A Collins  1 months ago +9

    This how many true ravens from day 1

  • Darth Ryu_ZX6R
    Darth Ryu_ZX6R  1 months ago

    They keep askin LJ about the MVP LoL he doesn't care