Melanie Martinez - K-12 (The Film)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 5, 2019
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  • •¿?UntitledFrůit ¿?•

    I legit can't explain how much I love Melanie for this. This movie is so fucking amazing!

  • Jazmin Ametiszt Czuczu
    Jazmin Ametiszt Czuczu  2 minutes ago

    This is hogwarts if Umbridge would be the principal.

  • Susan Payton
    Susan Payton  4 minutes ago +1

    So thats why she wasnt making any music

  • RebelForever Angel
    RebelForever Angel  5 minutes ago

    Melanie is giving Taylor Swift a run for her money!

  • America Chavez
    America Chavez  6 minutes ago +1

    Shes better than Billie.

  • Maria Fiallo
    Maria Fiallo  7 minutes ago


  • PewDiePie's Ex-Boyfriend
    PewDiePie's Ex-Boyfriend  7 minutes ago +2

    At 22:54 you can see her eyes are black, which means she's using her powers, then the liquid in the bottle is shown turning blue, just like the poison from milk and Cookies! That's so fricking smart! ♥

  • Ivy Fimbres
    Ivy Fimbres  13 minutes ago

    When they were floating in the sky the guy that said iM gOnNa JuMp OuT tHe wInDoW! THAT SOUNDS LIKE DAVID DOBRIK 😱😱😱😱

  • Samylla SZ
    Samylla SZ  14 minutes ago

    Isso é tão perfeito 😍

  • Leonara Sobral
    Leonara Sobral  14 minutes ago

    Alguém do Brasil??

  • pamella smith
    pamella smith  17 minutes ago

    I bet there will be a k-13 😂😂😂

  • Kacey Olds
    Kacey Olds  18 minutes ago

    And the song from Ahs

  • HeyIt’s Jeshua
    HeyIt’s Jeshua  18 minutes ago

    can you guys hear that song at 1:51?

  • JW__ Army
    JW__ Army  19 minutes ago +1


  • Ginger Spice
    Ginger Spice  19 minutes ago

    i just noticed that the dancers and most of the team is Hungarian <3 im so happy that people from my country got too work with melanie

  • Lizzie Hearts
    Lizzie Hearts  20 minutes ago

    I have a weird theory you see Melanie's friends and her with the black eyes right what I think is that they were like abused in their life or maybe i'm just wrong ;-;

  • Andreea Voicu
    Andreea Voicu  21 minutes ago

    Part. 2?:))

  • Wolfie Silver
    Wolfie Silver  21 minutes ago

    This is the best movie ever,why would she leave us on such a cliffhanger😞😞

  • Joy Delaney
    Joy Delaney  22 minutes ago

    part 2???!!!!!

  • ellie pullen
    ellie pullen  24 minutes ago

    shebeen accused of shit she aint done but this one is f***ing thriving!!!