twenty one pilots - Fall Away (feat. Dr. Blum of MisterWives) [Live]

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 7, 2014
  • twenty one pilots live video for "Fall Away" featuring Dr. Blum of MisterWives at The Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on October 4, 2014. The song originally appears on the self-titled album - available now: by Reel Bear Media with help from Jake MaciosekSubscribe for more official content from twenty one pilots: Store: Site: #TOP #FallAway #DrBlum #MisterWives #Live #FueledByRamen


  • sams blurryface
    sams blurryface  2 years ago +4903

    Tyler: "Repeat after me, oooohhhh"
    Me in my bed at 3am "OHHHHHH"

  • Tessa C.
    Tessa C.  7 months ago +4067

    2019 anyone?

  • Luskatt
    Luskatt  7 months ago +997

    Freddie Mercury: EEEEO
    Tyler Bean Joseph: OOOOH OOH

  • xFrai
    xFrai  9 months ago +751

    I can’t get over how Tyler voice sounds at 3:10 it really blows me away.

  • nizmouwu
    nizmouwu  a years ago +920

    3:02 the Clique when the hiatus ends

  • Georgia Moore
    Georgia Moore  3 years ago +2117

    I've listened to this so much that I sing the trumpet parts too

  • Spoopky
    Spoopky  a years ago +566

    Smaller shows like this need to come back

  • carrit winkeyface
    carrit winkeyface  11 months ago +535

    When tyler can make more emotional screams then metal bands XD

  • Yonac
    Yonac  11 months ago +1390

    Me to my trumpet teacher: "I want to learn this, but it's too hard"
    He's like:"I can do it with one finger"
    edit: wow i didn't expected this amount of likes, if we hit 1K i will show this comment to my teacher
    edit 2: i showed him, he laughed

  • Mickayla
    Mickayla  10 months ago +1171

    Who else keeps coming back to this masterpiece. 2018 anyone?

  • R T
    R T  2 years ago +1868

    Tyler- "I'm not a hat guy"
    "I'm not a rap guy"

  • s e v i t
    s e v i t  9 months ago +412

    I must say, Tyler looks very nice in his beanie.
    He looks good in everything.
    He’s look good in sumo outfit

  • no one important
    no one important  a years ago +197

    Where can I buy a time machine

  • golden1577
    golden1577  a years ago +235

    This has to be one of their best performances! I get chills every time I listen to this !!!!

  • Jacks Flat
    Jacks Flat  7 months ago +155

    1:57 Every time, I feel selfish, ambition is takin' my vision, my crime is my sentence, repentance is takin' commission. It's takin a toll on my soul, I'm screamin' submission and, I don't know if I am dyin' or livin', cause I will SAVAFACATONAMESAKA-

  • Jakub 556music
    Jakub 556music  a years ago +854

    how the hell is is nobody talking how tyler opened his hand and the lights turned off like WHAT?!

  • khushi chaudhary
    khushi chaudhary  a years ago +108

    i dont know why but this version is more satisfying then the original

  • Adelina Baster
    Adelina Baster  a years ago +352

    I can't stop watching this. Why is it so fucking awesome? My favorite performanсе. I found this year ago and still watch it

  • Perplexity
    Perplexity  2 months ago +41

    Me: Needs to study for History exam
    My brain: Hey remember that time TOP collabed with that trumpet?

  • Diana
    Diana  7 months ago +93

    Such a shame they don’t perform this song live much at all! One of my favourites by them