Dungeons and Dragons, explained

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 14, 2018
  • Why we love this nerdy role-playing fantasy game.

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    In an age of virtual reality, video games, and smartphones, more and more people are getting into this magical, nerdy tabletop fantasy role-playing game. Here’s why you should play Dungeons & Dragons, too.

    If you want to learn more about D&D, here are my (Carlos M) recommendations:

    Great D&D weekly livestream: Critical Role

    Great D&D podcast: Dungeon Rats

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  • Vox
    Vox  a years ago +575

    Watch the last time we played a board game in the Vox office and tried to figure out the mechanics of TRUMP: The Game: http://bit.ly/2lb3PUc

  • J Schmoney
    J Schmoney  an hour ago

    D&D Good, Vox Bad

  • Big chief
    Big chief  yesterday

    My old friend used to love this. Well he probably still does. He'd play for hours.

  • TeamDiscoveryChannel

    Cool video. Thanks.

  • Tom Walters
    Tom Walters  2 days ago

    Sounds like a right spastic game, for mongols.

  • Mordaic
    Mordaic  2 days ago

    W A I T. How does a Tiefling rouge get lower than a 5 on stealth?

  • Fat Cat
    Fat Cat  3 days ago

    saw my friends sign up for the DnD class in 6th grade, checked it out and im now a DnD nerd in 8th grade

  • Waste Of space
    Waste Of space  6 days ago

    Please stay away from dnd vox, you’ve taken enough from me already

  • Nerdee79
    Nerdee79  7 days ago

    Dungeons and Dragons. Satan's Game.

  • Stirl Dem
    Stirl Dem  7 days ago

    D&D is ok but ave you ever played Top Secret, the espionage version of the same game? It never had the same following as D&D but was sooooo much fun especially if you were into James Bond and the spy genres.

  • It’Simple Studios

    I heard a kid at my school say that they were gonna play right after today

  • HopeThisIsntSOPARela

    Nat 20

  • Roberto Guillen
    Roberto Guillen  7 days ago

    You are such a dork!!!! I'm in love😍

  • DSXmachine
    DSXmachine  7 days ago

    Everything Vox produces is pure faggotry.

  • molly howell
    molly howell  7 days ago

    But this isn’t explaining the board game version I got it for my birthday and I’m going to play it with my dad but it only explains the original

  • epicest poop muncher gang [EPM]

    i was thinking vox made a good non political video and then 6:31

  • sheikh mansur
    sheikh mansur  14 days ago

    90% of people in my country just like football so I don't have anyone to play with 😭

  • Marc Thivierge
    Marc Thivierge  14 days ago

    I stopped watching at 6:40

  • Marvel Fan 2.0
    Marvel Fan 2.0  14 days ago +1

    Me and my friends are the first people to make bugbear kebabs

  • A14418525 12
    A14418525 12  14 days ago

    1:08 UN FORASTERO!