Rebuilding 2019 NEW RAM! More Damage than was Expected! (Part 2)

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 19, 2019
  • We continuing to fix our wrecked 2019 Dodge RAM. In this episode you will see how we disassembled the whole truck, and prepared it to a Framework. We also found more damage than we thought before.
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    Declan Dp- Move


  • Leo's Landscape & Lawn

    This is the video I've been looking for of someone rebuilding a ram

  • Paul Bickley
    Paul Bickley  28 days ago +1

    Put a diesel in it...

  • Paul Bickley
    Paul Bickley  28 days ago +1

    I think this is a 2019 for 2020 year.

  • Michael Newman
    Michael Newman  5 months ago

    I think I would find a way to lift the bed off the frame from the bottom instead of the way you did it. Same with putting it back on, do it from the bottom. That way you don't have to let all the air out of the tires just to get it out of the way.

  • rayt
    rayt  5 months ago

    These new trucks are pure junk built with the strength of a beer can but cost a lot.

  • Mustafa Mayahi
    Mustafa Mayahi  5 months ago

    How much did you pay for it may we know please ??

  • Вик Я
    Вик Я  5 months ago +1

    Nice truck, hope it works out well!

  • kathie bryn
    kathie bryn  5 months ago

    Why don't you look at the camera you look shady

  • Julian 7160
    Julian 7160  6 months ago

    Key fob battery is low or it wasn't picking up the key so if you push the button with the key fob it'll start. The truck with put its self in park only if you have the door open and in a gear but it'll still start with the door open but I get what you are saying. Keep up the good work

  • Atticus Murray
    Atticus Murray  6 months ago +2

    Your key is dead, it’s like that on all fca cars so you can start it even if your key is dead, it uses a special chip inside

  • Tonys ToolBox
    Tonys ToolBox  6 months ago

    And don't know anything!

  • J CR
    J CR  6 months ago +1

    This is a good product to work on so people can see how the new RAM is put together. 👍

  • Showdown
    Showdown  6 months ago +2

    Bying a car from Copart is always an extremely high risk one takes.......................

    REBUILD N FLIP  6 months ago

    New nice channel 👍

  • James Gamez
    James Gamez  6 months ago

    The truck battery is almost dead, that's why you had to start the truck with the fob.

  • Abelardo Rodriguez
    Abelardo Rodriguez  6 months ago


  • 2019Ram1500LaramieBlack

    Awesome job so far. I’m sad that this got wrecked.

  • Donald Rice
    Donald Rice  6 months ago

    Nice truck

  • Renee Brown
    Renee Brown  6 months ago

    You should get an Inflatable Paint booth

  • Ian Morgan
    Ian Morgan  6 months ago

    So many technical decisions. Really interesting viewing.