Our Top Picks From The 2019 Geneva Motor Show | Carfection

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 9, 2019
  • Henry Catchpole takes you on a tour of the highlights of the 2019 Geneva motor show.
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  • Philip Bowen
    Philip Bowen  14 days ago

    Take me there! I wanna go there!!!!!

  • Da Boss
    Da Boss  21 days ago

    Were all here to dream

  • Deepak Bhatia
    Deepak Bhatia  28 days ago

    Wow super duper beauty cars 👌

  • Andrew S
    Andrew S  a months ago

    10:25 Hideous but evoking, works but doesn’t.

  • Andrew S
    Andrew S  a months ago

    6:32 Lady gets denied but converts to taking a picture, everyone wants their 1minute of fame.

  • SideTripLife
    SideTripLife  a months ago

    Just vlogged test driving several EVs here in Bangkok Thailand. Some may be surprised at the growing number of charging points all over Thailand malls, hotels, apartments etc. The EV tipping point is nearer than many realise.

  • Alex garcia
    Alex garcia  a months ago

    that RUF just took the show!!!

  • SevenDeMagnus
    SevenDeMagnus  a months ago

    So cool. Not sure what's the point of combustion engine sports cars nowadays, a Model Y would run circles around it and leave it behind.

    God bless, Proverbs 31

  • Lineage2Ertheia
    Lineage2Ertheia  a months ago

    ginetta is so fucking ugly dear god.

  • Andria Nadiradze
    Andria Nadiradze  a months ago

    More EV coverage please - No more gassmobiles, they have done enough damage already, their time is over and hope they will get ignored and left unsold

  • LJN71
    LJN71  a months ago +1

    Wolverine,is that you? Great video, I must say. So many interesting cars. Wish I could’ve been there.

  • Arun Akchutha
    Arun Akchutha  a months ago

    0:38 fingerprint magnet XD

  • fact gasm
    fact gasm  a months ago

    Jeez, cars are ugly these.

  • Joshua Mwaniki
    Joshua Mwaniki  a months ago

    Honda won't sell that shit if it's i3 price

  • Peter Bond
    Peter Bond  2 months ago

    Why do all motoring writers look like they just got out of bed. They talk like they put the show together while they had breakfast.
    Are we supposed to believe them?

  • Ndiokho Nakhti
    Ndiokho Nakhti  2 months ago

    Kangaroo GFG Style is how much please??

    FRANZ FANON  2 months ago


  • Narblo
    Narblo  2 months ago

    VW Buggy .
    Kangaroo is very interesting
    And what the hell happen to lamborghini designs? Since 2002 Murcielago and the exception of sesto elemento they are very ugly

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt  2 months ago

    An all wheel drive Porsche is a beast...

  • Sami Sreekumar
    Sami Sreekumar  2 months ago

    Nice explanation dear brother. Appreciate it.