Westminster Daddy Show - SNL

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 15, 2018


  • Patrick Hogan
    Patrick Hogan  8 months ago +5114

    If Jeff Goldblum isn't competing then it isn't a real Daddy show.

  • Alys Mari
    Alys Mari  8 months ago +795

    Tweedy daddy, come here.
    And tweedy daddy right here.
    Tweedy daddy up on here.
    Tweedy daddy right there.
    Tweedy daddy right here.
    Here to come tweedy daddy right there.
    Tweedy daddy get up on here.
    Maybe if you presented the argument better, I'd respect it.

  • emily
    emily  8 months ago +2357

    “I don’t have a name” 😂

  • rachel.
    rachel.  8 months ago +3097

    Kenan's hilarious!! "Tweedy daddy right here." 😂😂

  • Joanna and Hazel
    Joanna and Hazel  8 months ago +2521

    Matt looked like he was having a lot of fun which makes the sketch more enjoyable

  • Azalea Rivera
    Azalea Rivera  8 months ago +1873

    Matt Damon's gait in this was absolutely perfect 😂

  • Cooper Hilinsky
    Cooper Hilinsky  8 months ago +1180

    Aidy as the judge was spot on.

  • Ren kun
    Ren kun  8 months ago +761

    The judge should have been a 19 year old girl with a choker

  • MeganKoumori
    MeganKoumori  8 months ago +789

    Matt's happy gait around the ring killed me.

  • Olivia Eyes
    Olivia Eyes  8 months ago +3099

    Matt Damon could GET IT

  • Maurice pugh
    Maurice pugh  8 months ago +1409

    “Tweety daddy up here” 😂😂😂

  • Neghie Thervil
    Neghie Thervil  8 months ago +487

    At this rate Kenan is losing weight, he'll have a six pack by the end of the season.

  • tori2dles
    tori2dles  8 months ago +834

    3:50 - His high kneed trot is hilarious.

  • Munkers Awesome
    Munkers Awesome  8 months ago +507

    "... Some play money to throw around and a smug knowing smile that says: 'I do sex good'" Yep, that's pretty spot on 💀

  • claire
    claire  8 months ago +628

    Matt and Kate remind me of the commentators from pitch perfect lolll

  • Papa GotBigToes
    Papa GotBigToes  8 months ago +645

    Alex should’ve won. Disagree? Debate me, cowards

  • Cody Colton
    Cody Colton  8 months ago +427

    Melissa shaking the bottle at Beck is everything.

  • Alyssa J
    Alyssa J  8 months ago +235

    “All of these daddies can get it” 😂😂

  • aud 21
    aud 21  8 months ago +86

    1. Aidy inspecting the billfold
    2. "What?!! I don't even have a handler!"
    3. Matt Damon prancing around in joy

  • Korey Green
    Korey Green  8 months ago +425

    This is one of the strangest things ever lol