Samsung Notebook 3: Modern and Iconic

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 25, 2018
  • Be sure to check out the Notebook 3’s new colors. With upgrade doors, it now offers faster access to device upgrades. For more info, please visit our other pages:Facebook:


  • meilleur jimmy
    meilleur jimmy  a years ago +23

    we need a Samsung pc taht can compete with the dell xps ....asap

  • KikoTs
    KikoTs  a years ago +66

    5 dislikes from Apple fanboys

  • Raj Darole
    Raj Darole  a years ago +13


  • Finn
    Finn  a years ago +2

    Pleas bring it to Europe 😢

  • Secret Senpai
    Secret Senpai  a years ago

    mx series gfx card? i mean why? why not 1050ti, 1060 with this beauty

  • Kaustubh
    Kaustubh  a years ago

    When you got no other option but to copy the Macbook Pro 🤣

  • Epiclifery Active
    Epiclifery Active  a years ago +3

    Is it available in Market now?

  • Saman Soran
    Saman Soran  a years ago

    Hi samsung I have 3 ideas
    1 the odyssey tower
    2 the all in one pc odyssey
    3 the galaxy odyssey

  • Cenamex
    Cenamex  a years ago +6

    Price $ please?

  • Shaune Wales
    Shaune Wales  a years ago +8

    Come on samsung make ur laptop bezel less

  • Alacoque Calistro
    Alacoque Calistro  a years ago +3

    Que belo! Sensacional!

  • Aslam Batcha
    Aslam Batcha  a years ago +1

    Samsung, please continue the Note Tablet series.

  • bluedrangon69
    bluedrangon69  a years ago

    if the trackpad on this thing is smooth as a macbook, then its a BUY for sure

  • Kochigachi
    Kochigachi  a years ago

    How can I buy this from Australia and New Zealand?

  • Gustavo Araujo
    Gustavo Araujo  a years ago +1

    Could make a new cable, USB type, that could transfer and share battery from one cell to another. Send a salve to Brazil.

  • Givari Mirzacky
    Givari Mirzacky  a years ago

    What the price of this notebook? In USD

  • Дияна Губайдуллина

    What about salary? I more than sure it cheaper than MacBook.

  • IcEy Gaming
    IcEy Gaming  a years ago

    Can we put a graphics card in it pls reply

  • Weissmargaux
    Weissmargaux  a years ago

    So basically better than a macbook what's the price tho🤔

  • Cristiane
    Cristiane  a years ago

    THE WORST BRAND OF THE WORD! I bought it and lost time and money. I am tired to try to solve the problems..
    first it failed the audio jack, then the screen, and finally the motherboard.