Breaking "CALIFORNIA 7.1 MEGA QUAKE" Shaking Dangerous Event Expected

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 6, 2019
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  • We make world peace happen !

    my friends are dead

  • Watchman KSR
    Watchman KSR  5 months ago

    Well the Bible doesn’t say anything a planet 🌎 called Nibiru!!! 🙄😒 Stick to the Word of TMH God not man’s! Smh

  • Tiffany Elliott
    Tiffany Elliott  5 months ago

    Brother I appreciate you so much, my whole family does. You always have the best biblical news and I consider you a watchman for Jesus Christ. We love you all the way from Kentucky. You have my family's support 100%. Jesus is Lord and he is coming.

  • Tiffany Elliott
    Tiffany Elliott  5 months ago

    I feel like these are going to trigger fault lines everywhere else.

  • TheJules1003
    TheJules1003  5 months ago +1

    Welcome to Canada Pastor Begley.

  • Kurian Mathew
    Kurian Mathew  5 months ago

    Iran says they have a secret weapon. A Lingam?

  • Gotcha wolfe11
    Gotcha wolfe11  5 months ago

    Wonderif a 7.8 gonna hit after midnighton 7/7

  • Blue Rose
    Blue Rose  5 months ago

    Solar eclipes happened during a dark moon new moon

  • Kenni Harder
    Kenni Harder  5 months ago

    7.1 earthquake in California I believe the number 7 represents God's number

  • Michelle Burson
    Michelle Burson  5 months ago +2

    Pastor Paul Begley did you know where that 7.1 was is over a volcano... We need Mike from around the world

  • Patricia Oakes
    Patricia Oakes  5 months ago +1

    Thank you Tony, this isn't the devils timeline yet, I believe God has put Trump in to eliminate the evil they are doing and that he will be our POTUS for another term. God promises He will protect america! And all their stratigies will turn on them!

  • Deborah Anglin
    Deborah Anglin  5 months ago

    I live in fresno ca. Felt it really strong knocked water out of our pool pretty scary.

  • Bryan L.
    Bryan L.  5 months ago


  • LivingforChrist
    LivingforChrist  5 months ago

    The earth is definetly shaking and quaking i felt it here in socal it shoock the whole house

  • Avis Swope
    Avis Swope  5 months ago


  • Avis Swope
    Avis Swope  5 months ago


  • Shar Dunc
    Shar Dunc  5 months ago +3

    ppl. have no idea how powerful GOD is.

  • timrod94
    timrod94  5 months ago

    I felt that Quake last night and it was pretty scary!

  • Janetta Prussia
    Janetta Prussia  5 months ago

    The hand of God? Christians come out of her while you can and I pray God gives California politicians a chance to change their evil ways for the sake of their souls and all the Christians.

  • Margo Miko
    Margo Miko  5 months ago +2

    I told you the 6.4 eq was a precursor to a bigger one coming and this 7.1 isn't the biggest one coming yet. Expect one closer to 8.0 or over that in the next few days or weeks. It's not done yet. Praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ protection. Wicked be warned.
    Did you see the 3ft of hail that fell in Mexico the other day. They are using plows to dig out.