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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 10, 2018
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  • Morgan Adams
    Morgan Adams  a years ago +3632

    Love you guys!! Get my Quidd stickers here ►►►

  • Cyber Life
    Cyber Life  a years ago +1848

    Not trying to sound sexist, (I am female myself) but most girls on Youtube I can’t watch bc their need to act fake, so I usually only watch guys. But Morgan is the answer to my prayers. I can finally watch a female youtuber that is amazing, relatable, and doesn’t try too hard. She’s herself and also hilarious.

  • Misty Games
    Misty Games  11 months ago +1685

    Ryland: “Yeah, literally you’re the last You-Tuber to do a brand deal with Quidd.”
    5 months and 3 days later...
    Garrett: “Today’s video is sponsored by Quidd.”

  • Taylor Therrien
    Taylor Therrien  a years ago +3861

    I’m just saying, why are people getting mad at Ryland and Morgan because “they don’t do anything and got their fame off of Shane”. Like Ryland and Shane love eachother and he probably did get some fame off of Shane but it’s not his fault he fell in love with someone popular. Same with Morgan, it not her fault that she’s a sister and a friend to two popular people.
    You salty ass people need to back off 😂

  • Prison Burrito
    Prison Burrito  10 months ago +614

    Shane gets sponsered: buys a car for someone
    Ryland gets sponsered: buys car for himself
    Morgen gets sponsered: becoming an assistant.

  • Honor
    Honor  a years ago +1518

    So glad that Morgan has a channel ! She is so funny :-)

  • a lewz
    a lewz  a years ago +993

    everyone talking trash saying morgan “complains too much” blah blah, of COURSE she’s complaining, she’s literally being her brothers assistant... no one would be jumping for joy. that’s the F U N N Y part, how rubbish it will be for her

  • Kayla Arnold
    Kayla Arnold  a years ago +471

    Morgan needs merch that says "nobody likes la Croix"

  • Daisy Miranda
    Daisy Miranda  a years ago +632

    "Why are they throwing away the pool noodle this is useful." a mood

    BROOKE B  a years ago +315

    "NOBODY LIKES LA CROIX" - Morgan Adams, every video her and Ryland are in together

  • Looser Boy
    Looser Boy  a years ago +3600

    I want Morgan to do a mukbang with trish

  • Susanna
    Susanna  a years ago +319

    all those people yelling at morgan: don't forget that shes literally 20 years old. you can blab all you want about her being disrespectful and spoilt but dude, she's young!! and she's being an assistant to her older brother, which is a sucky situation. most importantly, its not like morgan is ACTUALLY their assistant? this was a mock trial meant as a joke, who cares if she failed? im sure if it was serious, she would take it seriously.

  • megan shultz
    megan shultz  a years ago +278

    Morgan brings out the cake at 0:17 and Ryland and Shane both do a sassy hand move at the same damn time

  • zoey
    zoey  a years ago +409

    you could say she is his ashishtant

  • Snow Levy
    Snow Levy  a years ago +111

    It makes me happy that Morgan considereds Shane her brother

  • fiona duncan
    fiona duncan  a years ago +226

    has anyone ever noticed that no one in that house uses actual cutlery?? only plastic spoons and forks. is this normal in LA???

  • Fluffy Tøfu
    Fluffy Tøfu  a years ago +167

    14:46 Shane’s face and reaction to sibling rivalry 😂

  • Infinite Gamer
    Infinite Gamer  a years ago +68

    0:16 when they ask if it's an ice cream cake look at Shane and Rylands hand

  • • anna •
    • anna •  a years ago +202

    “I have thicc everything for a white boy”

  • destany
    destany  10 months ago +37

    You need merch that says “nobody likes la croix”